r450 x64 Minions fail to destroy the scaffolding ladders

I built a 2 story building which the minions started to ignore after 1/3 of the way into building the second floor. I selected the building to be destroyed and the minions started hammering away at walls with no problems. When it came to the scaffolding they couldn’t destroy it or the ladders.

Being the loyal minions that they are, they don’t give up in trying to destroy the building even if I distract them using defense mode when I turn it off …they go back to banging at the scaffolding. They use up a block of wood every now and then in their attempts to destroy the scaffolding after a min. I see them walk back into storage and pull out a wood block and head back to bang away again.

edit: I went and deleted all my stored wood and the minions started taken down the walls for wood to use in destroying the scaffolding.

edit2: After taking all the wood from the walls they could get. Minions finally started taking down the scaffolding.

edit 3 could be my first assessment was incorrect… it’s the ladders that they can’t destroy. So this could be a duplicate bug report…

man, your minions are determined

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They sure are! Well when they couldn’t get anymore wood from the walls they actually started taking down the scaffolding… go figure. lol


"all of our wood reserves have disappeared! the scaffolding menace is still standing strong! quick, we must find some more wood… ah, yes! the buildings! the buildings are made of wood!“
an hour later
"the scaffolding menace just does not give up! our buildings are gone, but the scaffolding still stands… where can we find more wood? … ah, the scaffolding is made of wood! let us tear apart the scaffolding to supply us with wood to tear apart the scaffolding!”

perfect logic

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laughs They actually had perfect logic but their true menace was the ladders they used on that building. Sometimes you can’t see the problem when it’s right in front of you.

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“you through the villain was the scaffolding, but IT WAS ME, LAD-DIO”

LAD-DIO is true evil… he trapped one the minions. Being minions, the others go about their business in hopes to avoid any more of LAD-DIO’s wrath.

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