Goblins Stuck on Scaffolding

Was building. Got attacked. I try to use army to defend while working on wall so I can get more work done but I didn’t have them out – I switch shifts at dawn/dusk when people need food/sleep. This section was almost done, apparently and they were pulling down the last bits of scaffolding. When the invaders got close (too close I guess) I hit the town alarm. Hearthlings ran off. Army interceded.

So – goblins chase hearthlings who are still taking down scaffolding as they flee.

Army comes out through doors.

Goblins end up stuck on scaffolding. They do not come down. So I had 3 or 4 goblins literally stuck atop a ladder. They wouldn’t move. Couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Army didn’t “see” the threat any more, even with archers present. So they started to head back in. I pulled them out, had them attack someone on the ladder. Two goblins hop down on fire and they get quickly killed. (Fiery arrow quivers)

The general did not.

Even when set on fire. He was stuck up on it and wouldn’t/couldn’t come down even when on fire. I know he would like to run to the edge of the map for me, so I figure it was that he couldn’t get down. If not for the fiery arrows I suspect he was evading (not sure if that is a thing, it seemed that kind of behavior don’t know if mobs reset), but they certainly helped kill him faster. I had to keep targeting him to get him dead, the army kept running back in through the door as soon as they shot him once.

So weird.

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:jubilant: This is the most funny scaffolding bug I’ve ever seen!

:slight_smile: Yeah I didn’t mind at all I had the tools to cope with it – the only thing that gave me pause was if I hadn’t had archers and/or fiery arrows I could have had to revert to a previous save. (I have autosave on so that wouldn’t have been too bad either.) If it had been earlier though and I didn’t have archers, or fiery arrows … or really a lot earlier and had seen autosave as a feature and thought oh I want that but had neglected to check it like I did for the first several hours of game play, I’d be sad.