[r256] farmer refuses to share

I just started a new village, and I could not seem to gather enough food to get another hearthling. I discovered that the problem appears to be that the farmer will harvest her crops, but never drop them. at this point, she is probably carrying about 40 pumpkins and over 100 turnips. she does occasionally drop a bundle of food, but I’ve not yet been able to determine the exact circumstance.


hey there @doctordevice … welcome aboard! :smile:
can you please take a screenshot of the building UI? upload it to imgur.com and provide the link here…
additionally, which build are you playing?

plagiarized from @SteveAdamo


Um, he says in the title which build it is, and there’s no building UI for a farmer… There really isnp;t anything to screenshot for this…

Mmm… Bear in mind that 1 crop ≠ 1 bundle. When harvesting, you’ll see the farmer collecting several times before spawning a basket. If, despite this, you think she’s taking too much crops for one single basket, there could be some issue hidden…

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Relyss: I didn’t notice right away because of that. it was only when I realized that she had harvested an entire field of turnips (60 plots, in this instance) without actually producing a single basket of turnips that I started watching.

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