Farmer chills although she's starving

I ain’t absolutely sure if this is a bug. Thing is:

I created a new settlement to be more near mountains. Built a few huts and crafting house. My farmer then decided to move there and just chill out. There were crops to be picked in the first settlement. Then the farmer got hungry, but still didn’t want to return to first settlement to eat (all the food is still in first settlement). I made a new farm near farmer, but she wouldn’t farm.
Soon I got worried and decided to “fix” it by changing her job back to worker and then she left to eat.

Is the farmer supposed to idle, although she had a new farm to make and crops to pick? Is it the long distance between settlements?

so just to be clear, you built a settlement at your starting banner, then later on you started another settlement at a different place on the map?

also, what version is this on?

How about going to town alert mode? That should call her back.

Ah yes I was rather unclear in my post.
But you got the point right! I built another settlement away from starting banner. And it should be latest version alpha 0.16.0 (release 559) x64 build

And I managed to make her move after I changed her job to herbalist.