Farmer not farming, restocking stockpile instead

See pic. As you can see, she’s off restocking while the farm plots are being ignored.
2380 x64

Once the stockpile work was done, she eventually went back to farming, but not before everyone ran out of food.

Other issues: Both footmen not eating (don’t think they were sleeping either), others sleeping on the ground right next to beds.


Just to confirm, the fields are set to grow things? I haven’t encountered this issue yet, just trying to replicate it.

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Not much point in farming otherwise, haha. Yes, they’re all set to grow things. Regardless, though, farmer should farm when there’s farming to do, not fill stockpiles, eh devs?

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hmm… there was another report where crafters were gathering stuff when they should have been making things, and it wasnt because it was required to make that item. perhaps its just a genneral bug that all classes are like a normal worker?

Lol, never hurts to check. I just was noticing that the fields have been tilled, but nothing planted at all, which is strange. Generally, farmers will till all fields, then immediately start planting.

I toyed with this, but I couldn’t replicate it. There could very well be a priority bug with jobs though.