Stockpile/Farming Race Conditions?

As I get more and more Hearthlings and assign more workers to task, I picked up on something that can only be described as a form of race condition. Namely when workers attempt to max out the last few spaces in a stockpile and repeatedly shuffle the last few items between them into the space remaining and ignore any nearby stockpiles. In this case I have roughly 8-10 large and connected stockpile areas mostly filled with stone and only 3 completely packed as I tear through a mountain for resources.

For that one, it looks like one plants down the contents of their backpack, another comes along to do the same in the remaining space, the first one picks everything back up while the second one sets down. Then along come a third and fourth all trying to do exactly the same thing and eventually you find four to five doing this until they get hungry or decide it’s time to sleep and eventually it begins again.

Similarly, farmers exhibit a relative behavior as when placing 12 plots down in a 3x4 configuration with over half a dozen farmers. Instead of a few of them tending and expanding the plots out they all charge around the active plots harvesting and ignore expansion all together.

This is probably all in the known list, but in cases where there are many similar roles in close proximity to one another, in this case farmers. They should divvy up available plots with a maximum of 2-3 active within each plot. Otherwise it’s like watching an entire hive of bees all go after a single flower at the same time.

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The farming behavior needs to be worked on, TR has admitted a couple times. But your issue with the stockpiles is odd, because if I remember right that is similar to the ‘Hearthling OCD’ bug, and a couple others, and I thought they were fixed with A11.

@8BitCrab, possibility of shedding some light on the fact?

I have a couple of peaceful saves with this going on when there are 16+ hearthlings and it’s kind of funny while mildly annoying if I need to get anything done.

Sometimes if you either remove a stockpile or have it hold nothing, it’ll fix some behavior if it concerns stockpiles. I know that when some of my workers weren’t building or crafting, and reloading didn’t help, fiddling with the crates/stockpiles helped.

Yeah, the stockpiles in question at a bare minimum hold stone and wood. So things should be working, Having it hold nothing just reproduces this behavior at the next stockpile and crates don’t really add or take away from the issue so it’s something weird.

Well, I can’t help you… sorry! Best of luck, hopefully someone that knows comes by.