Farmers Crop Yield

So i noticed today when looking closer into the farming when i was trying to get Flowers Early on for the Herbalist.
I had 55 flowers growing up 5 rows of 11 and they all got harvested yet after the harvest i only had about 9-10 in my inventory. This feels very strange to me and would like to know if it’s a bug or if they only get about 10% of what they harvest from the fields.

its not a bug thats how the game works, the lower level your farmer is the more fields it need to do for 1 basket of somthing

I tested a field with two flowers (used debug to make them both grow)

The farmer harvested both, and then proceeds to put the items in the ground (cause I didn’t had a stockpile)

I added one stockpile right when he was going to throw the item in the ground. He made the dropping animation, but no flower dropped. He then goes into the stockpile and dropped 1 flower.

So he destroyed one in that process, I don’t know why.


Well imagine if you will, that the farmer is picking the flowers but hes clumsy at first, and ruins a good few. so only a few make it into his baskets. As he gains skill, he ruins fewer and fewer so it’s a better harvest.


i like the idea of progression for the Farmer but maybe it’s a bit overkill how much they fail to harvest at the start.
10% is very bad i would rather see something atleast at 50%.

Would be really fun in the future to get improved tools for the professions to inrease their work quality :slight_smile:

Farmers don’t fail when harvesting.

Harvested crops have stacks (except for saplings, I think those are 1:1).
For flowers too. You will see the farmer harvesting several crops before actually dropping a basket.
This is the reason why hearthlings can eat several times from the same basket.

Wood and other resources also have stacks (a log can be used for long during building before disappearing). But for crafting and other activities (firepit) the whole item will be consumed.


Relyss is correct. I assumed that only the food had stacks (baskets) and the flowers were 1:1 (like the saplings).

The flowers are grouped in stacks of 6, so you need 6 harvests to complete the stack and add it into the stockpile. So Banto was close in his guess, for each 6, you get 1 resource, 16%.