[r240] Can I loot a worker?

My soldiers were fighting the goblin camp. When they were finishing up the goblin camp I told my workers to go loot everything. At that time my solider got a loot item above his head.

I think this happened because he had something in his inventory. When I did looting.

Possible steps to reproduce.
Change unit to warrior when he is moving something
Use loot and highlight him.

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I had that also but when he got back to camp and started his normal patrol routine, it disappeared

He’s not a target for looting, he’s trying to loot something. I think.

I should have capture video, but the loot sign is above his head and nowhere else in the game.

He was probably going to loot something, but somebody else got to it first, I’m guessing?

Only happens when you “loot” the items at the goblin camp and they come at the same time the footmen are around there, I’ve sent them there as soon as there is something on the ground while the footmen are still smashing the buildings, that’s when your most likely to get the icon above the footman