[r2081] Name disappearing from party list after disbanding

Summary: This is an odd one. I created a party to send two footmen off to combat, gave an attack order, then disbanded. An error message popped up (which I ignored) and my footmen hung around the site I placed the ‘attack flag,’ far from my settlement. I decided to make another party and give them an attack order back into my village. One of the two soldiers would appear on the list, without a name. She could not be selected or join a party.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create party, add 2 footmen
  2. send far from home
  3. Disband before cancelling the attack order
  4. Try putting them in a new party

Expected result:
They can join parties without any problem

Actual result:

The second footman was not selectable. I had to change her profession to villager and successively cut nearby trees to move her back to town.

Notes: Even after changing profession, the villager was not selectable.

Version: r2081

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excellent report! as this mechanic is in it’s infancy, I would expect issues like this…

nice catch and repro steps!