Defending Problems

Abruptly, one of my farmers ran away from my town and directly to a goblin camp that I didn’t even know was there. When she died, I activated the Town Defence Mode and promoted several of my normal workers into footmen. I tried to put several of them into a party, but when I clicked the button to add them to a party, there was a long delay before anything was shown to happen. When they finally did appear to be in the party, I got them to rally at a point but then couldn’t get them to do anything else. I tried to deactivate Town Defence Mode but nothing happened. Then I tried to reselect the party but it didn’t show up in the Parties menu. I saved, exited the game, then started it up again. When I did so, Town Defence Mode was active and the party I tried to make showed up, but there was only one person in it and they did not have the rally point. I was able to deactivate Defence Mode and disband the party but was then confronted with an error message:

error 1: stonehearth/services/server/unit_control/party.luac:36: attempt to index field ‘_party_tg’ (a nil value)
error 2: c++ exception: lua runtime error