R293 X64 Town Defence and Party System Broken

One of my workers got to close to the Goblin camp, when they began to attack I tried to create a town party but the UI was blank. I was also unable to set the town to defense mode.

Also in Town Defense mode the Hearthlings run around panicked before they even take damage.

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Something like this;

I have a bit of information on this as well. There seems to be some application when you press the R key for town defense. Often times my workers go pell-mell into the goblin camp and avoid any others in my town to directly engage the goblin leader.
In other instances units are ‘locked’ in a defense mode and will not stop trying to attack the goblin camp regardless of the parties I create. I can set the attack flag, initiate defense and they go to sleep on the spot if they are tired or return to walking around; if I use the blue defense flag they continue to attack unabated until death, weather or not the defense is active.
Creating a town party to pull they off seems to be an ineffective method of preventing this rogue suicidal behavior.