:rage: They dont eat, :rage: dont build like this:

I am not sure what is going on with this screenshot. do you have a save file or stonehearth.log to share? Is it just one citizen or all? Did saving and reloading help as sometime when I have at least 20 Hearthlings they can become idle and a quick re-log usually fixes it.

My cook does nothing, my workers are idle but i have jobs for that dudes, its not one it are all of the guys, i have around 20 citizens, restart not helping, Sometimes they are building but that is really Legendary if they are building, and on that screenshot i meen with that that they are not building it! Here’s the log:
stonehearth.log (501.6 KB)

Try only having 13-15 hearthlings next time.

One of the issues I seen from the log is that you have 4GB of total memory with a ‘Intel® HD Graphics 4400’ that is using shared memory. With means there is only 3~ GB left to run your operation system, background programs and StoneHearth. This means you are probable using a good amount of virtual memory, this will cause lags or delays that could effect the AI script as well. This could mean that the game loop ends before the Hearthlings actually can process and act on the commands given. The developer are working hard to optimize the game and increase game performance, unfortunately at this point you have enough to run the game but not at full force. (full force being 50 Hearthlings on Hard mode)

As @Cube1 pointed out keeping your population around 13-15 will be your optimized amount for normal or hard mode. The enemies that pop up are also AI scripted as well so if you have 2-3 group out on the map its like having an extra 8-12 Hearthlings for the computer to keep track of.

I have 16 GB of memory with a 2GB dedicated graphics card in this laptop and I still run into performance issues as my population grows especially over 30 Hearthlings.

One of the errors in your log will be fixed in the next patch. That is the thinking error that comes up in combat.

Im not good in English but can i put more RAM in the game so its run faster, so not is there a other way to make it smoother/faster? And with that im noot meening the settings in the game because that settings are already to the lowest. And can i change the driver to a better, i think not so but it is a question.

If your computer had more total RAM you could probably put allocate more for use by StoneHearth, but the problem is that you don’t have any more RAM to give to anything.

Depending on the make and model of your computer there is a maximum amount of physical ram that it can contain. You would have to check your computer specification for the maximum amount, the speed of the ram and how much you are willing to put into the computer. If StoneHearth was a painting, the amount of ram would be like the canvas size. The more you have the larger the picture. Unfortunately 4GB does not give you much room to work with, especially with an integrated video card taking a portion of it.
The only thing I can think of with the current performance of StoneHearth and it resource requirements is you would have to play with a smaller settlement or upgrade your system. Hopefully as the Radiant team moves forward with the development and improvements in memory usage, they may find ways for it to work better on your type of system.

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