[Con] Bug when attempting to disband party

Always seems to happen when I click “disband party.” screenshot here:


After attempting to put members from a disbanded party into a new party, the members are no longer available to be put in the new party.

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Same thing here. I’ve got a list of ‘Adds’, but no info on any of the lines (since they were all in a previous party I assume)

can confirm as well… thanks folks!


Disband a party make error msg


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Disband party of 9 guy

Expected Results:
no error

Actual Results:
error msg



Versions and Mods:

System Information:

Another strange behavior :
The Attack button on party dont work for me but set a point with the another button and setting the defense to on, my party go (attack the goblin)

though its an older-ish report there already is one,

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Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but the party system just seems to have a small bit of a bug when you disband parties.

Namely, add some people to a party, then without removing them from it, disband the party. It’ll throw up a nice error message and then when you make a new party the people seem rather bugged out.

I think I remember this being a thing a while back, I just wanted to note it was still a thing.

I had the same issue, but by luck, I fixed it with another bug. Lol. What happened for me was after I disbanded the hearthlings, they would still be in this nonexistent group. What I did was I created a new party, and added all these people who were in the nonexistent party into it. This gave me another error, which took them out of the old group, but not into the new one, which is what I wanted.

Disbanding parties should no longer error in the next patch. Thanks for the report!