Hidden Parties and Party Members

Hey again,

Another little ‘meh’ glitch I found… I apologize for so many miniscule posts.

With that though, I found that while in the “Parties” menu (where parties can be created or be given orders) or an individual party itself (where parties can be given orders and disbanded), if a player presses the ‘esc’ key parties and or Hearthlings in those parties will be, not deleted, but hidden. It can be fixed by simply just exiting the “Parties” menus and entering them again.

Now since my brain has been fried due to college, I’m pretty bad with words; so here’s a couple examples.

While in the “Parties” menu, where you can create new parties and give each party orders, by pressing ‘esc’ a single party, starting at the bottom of the list, will disappear. Each party that disappears will not be deleted, but simply just be hidden.

And while in an individual party, where you can see all the members in that party, disband the group, or give the single party orders, by pressing ‘esc’ each Hearthling in that group, starting again at the bottom of the list, will disappear. And again, they will not be removed from the party, but just hidden.

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That’s a pretty clear description and a quite easy to reproduce bug. It looks like the Parties windows are the only ones you can’t use the escape key to escape from, so that may be why there is a problem.

I suspect @Albert or @sdee will be interested in this one.


Just wanted to chime in and say that this little UI glitch is still present in DEV-2666.

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