[dev 2594 -x64] Military Party attack flag new bug

This was working previously. If you place an attack flag for a military party, the party gathers as expected, but they do not respond to cancelling the attack flag. They just stand in place. Even if you then set the flag elsewhere they don’t move. The only way to restore their normal (non-attack) behavior is to disband the actual party. Also, if they have been too long without food, they will then collapse and die of hunger.

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Just to make sure, the status bar in the lower right corner isn’t filled with yellow or blue, is it? If so, it means the game’s lua and pathfinder can’t figure out how to return back to the settlement, causing the settlers to stand there like they’re brain dead. Other things to check are whether they still have a way to get back; did someone else take away a ladder or build something in the way of the route they left?

If none of these, it might possibly be a new bug (or one that’s less common, at least). Do you happen to have a screenshot of the game it happened in?

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not only problems with the remove flags respond
i have one more problem with order the flag from the first time

I can confirm this happens to me as well.

Steps to reproduce for me are:
Create a party of footmen
Set an attack order
Cancel the attack order

The result is the party just stands around the (now canceled) attack order location. They will not budge for food, sleep, friendly poyo’s etc. They will continue to ‘defend’ the attack location. A save/load will snap them out of this behavior.

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Thanks for reporting this, everyone! Saving and reloading the game or disbanding the party is a work around for now.
We’re working on a fix!

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Latest build on steam, down to business. Had the goblin chief turn up, killed him without even knowing where he was, you would think the combat music would be a clue. Realised only one footman was there, so quickly made a party of the footmen I have. Placed the party destination flag, other footman turns up and both lay waste to the camp. Haulers haul the booty away and… the 2 footmen are hanging around the camp. Opps! knock off the go to flag. So why aren’t they moving back to patrol?
Disbanded the party and off they go, somewhat hungry but heh! they are moving out.

I think this is a duplicate of :

Also, the goblins are not responding correctly in this build, which is why a single footman with a practice sword is able to level a goblin camp…

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Fixed for the next patch. Thanks for the help!


Did the footman starting to haul bug ever go away? If it did then its back, got 2 footmen hauling but will gather when I place their party flag with weapons ready. Take the flag away and its back to hauling. Is this a side affect from the fix @Albert mentioned.

after being told to attack, party members When told to defend a certain location during town defence mode refuse to follow orders.

Latest Dev- 2598 (x64)

recently just had 4 deaths all from a party, it seems that they stay stuck wherever you’ve sent an attack order

Hey @Freudian, is your bug the same as this one? :

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Indeed it is sorry I didn’t notice this thread ^^, however they don’t seem to respond to defending orders altogether.

I had this same issue but I actually had to demote them back to workers, and then back to soldier again. When reloading my game all my other hearthlings, again including soldiers also stopped accepting orders aside from workers who would occasional just do their random thing. Grab stone/wood to place on stockpile.

Same fix, had to demote and promote all of them one by one to get them back to work.

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I’ve had this issue more towards the late game, demoting and promoting them got a couple of orders processed but eventually they just start to ignore orders, at around 20 or so villagers the game begins to slow down, it could be down to heavy load and villagers are just not responding to orders. Regular worker hearthlings started to ignore loot and harvest commands to so maybe its universal?