Quick Start; workers with tools didn't drop them

I played a normal new game for a while, but didn’t really like where I ended up (well that, and I accidentally mined the rabbit statue I was near)… so I saved, went back to the menu and started a quick start game.

I paused the game immediately on starting, laid(layed?) out some buildings, setup some harvests, promoted some workers to carpenter and trapper. The two workers carrying the carpenter hammer and trapper’s knife never dropped them; so they are wandering around with the tools in their backpacks and the promoted fellows don’t get to be promoted.

I’ll try and narrow down exactly which part caused this; I started a new quick play (after saving the prior), and put out a single building, and they immediately dropped their tools. Maybe I just gave them such a variety of things to do that they went to work immediately? Maybe it was the immediate promotions?

Is there maybe a way to force people drop things from their backpack?

played with it a little more, tried doing only parts of the above, and finally, when I add a stockpile, all the people instantly go from carrying their items to having them in their backpack. But this time the one worker did walk over to the stockpile and drop his item. I had placed my stockpile outside of other harvesting work before…
Ahh, but when I browsed these characters to find an inventive guy to promote, I made him a carpenter; but he’s still got the trapper’s knife in his backpack.

So I started a new game, stared a building, put the stockpile on the other side of the building from the people, and the two with the tools went to work on the building with the items in their backpack Myabe if I wait a few days they will eventually find the stockpile and drop their items; but in the meantime I have no beds… trapper’s not SO important but would still rather have some meats sooner.

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There is no such word as layed, it’s laid (Sorry i’ts the only thing I can help with :stuck_out_tongue:)

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This might have been fixed in latest Alpha 11, they added lots of fixes to the build.