Qubicle Competition Rules and Information

Hey everyone! So, we’re wanting to organise a consistent and hopefully fun Qubicle competition that runs from now until whenever @SteveAdamo and I have made enough money to move to that tropical island we’re gonna buy. For all of this to happen, we need to set up all the rules and everything to keep things running smoothly. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible :smile:

The Qubicle competition itself will run on a weekly basis in a 4 week cycle. Each week will have a specific theme or topic (that the community will also vote on in a separate thread) around which you will submit your model. Everyone will vote for the models they think are the best by ‘liking’ the respective post, and at the end of the week the top 2 entrants (might change in the future) will earn themselves a place in the week 4 finals.

As such, the first three weeks of each cycle are open to everyone, however as mentioned above the 4th and final week of each cycle will only be available to those who placed in the top 2 positions from the previous 3 weeks. This will make for a possible total of 6 entrants going into week 4 of the competition. The voting and submission of models for this 4th week are exactly the same as the other 3 weeks. You will only be allowed to submit one model for each week.

Each week will begin on Sunday, with model submission ending the following Saturday. Voting will close on the Sunday when the winners will be announced. Shortly after this, the following week will be open for your models!

To summarise:

  • Each Qubicle competition runs over 4 weeks. Comprising of weekly stages each with it’s own theme or topic chosen by the community.

  • You can only submit one model per week.

  • The first 3 weeks are open to everyone. The 4th and final week of the competition is open to the top 2 from each previous week. Depending on how much activity we generate this might increase.

  • The model can be anything related to the theme, as long as it can be achieved with the free version of Qubicle - no post-production effects, animations, etc.

  • Vote for models you think are great by liking the respective post. Currently we are not looking to limit peoples voting. Depending on how things progress, this might change in the future.

  • Make sure your model is relevant to the theme, any that aren’t will unfortunately not be accepted.

  • Keep all discussion on the weekly models, competition, and everything related to it, in the designated weekly discussion thread. Comments in the model submission thread will be moved across to keep everything tidy.

Prizes: Yes there will be prizes.

Courtesy of @Tim over at minddesk, the overall winner of each cycle will win the ‘Home’ edition of Qubicle constructor. If that person already owns the ‘Home’ edition then they can receive either the ‘Master’ edition upgrade, or the ‘Voxelizer’ software.

You can also expect things in the way of games, possibly specific forum titles, a place on the Qubicle competition hall of fame, as well as a couple of other more secret ones :smile:

Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Feel free to discuss the competition in this thread.

Make sure to check out the [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-theme-schedule/2403]theme schedule[/url] .to see what themes are coming up in the competition.

Finally you can download the basic edition of Qubicle constructor, [urlhttp://www.minddesk.com/purchase.php]from this page.[/url]

Have fun!


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// reserved for future //

ok, cross checks complete… i think we’re a go for Qubicle Competitions! :clap:

edit: i tweaked the themes thread ever so slightly, with some example submissions…

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I have a suggestion for a voting mechanism. Since Discourse hasn’t introduced poll’s yet there is a neat way of using some of Discourses other great features to simulate a poll.

If you put a series of links in your message:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

It’s irrelevant where the links point to, but they could point to the post with the Qubicle entry. The point being that the links are titled and associated with an an entry for voting. Discourse will count the clicks and display the number to the right of the link. It will not count multiple clicks from the same user, so in essence just like a poll, only without a chart showing comparative totals. For voting purposes this is perfect, and requires very little work administering. This will however allow people to vote for more than one entry, but as long as everyone has this ability it is still a fair voting system.

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It’s a good idea. The issue with that is then just compiling everything into the main top post. It’s something we’ll look at and see which works best.

There would also be an issue with people liking rather than clicking, but I suppose you could just combine the two - but then that has double votes :tongue:

It’s as broad as it is long I suppose, especially when you get to a large amount of suggestions - but this could come in very handy if we ever wish to contain something in a single post!

The issue with the link thing is that you can just keep clicking on the link and it’ll add up the counter. Nice idea though.
EDIT: At least it displays it whenever I click it multiple times…

That’s what I was thinking too, because the same thing happens to me.

@Zooka128, @Paranundrox, I think you are mistaken. If that were the case the numbers would be allot higher. At the time of this post the numbers are showing as 3, 1, 1, 1. I’ve clicked on them several times, and they don’t increase at all. But perhaps that is because it’s my post. But if both of you have clicked on them several times there would have to be more than 3,1,1,1. They were 1,1,1,1 after @Geoffers747 looked at the post. So both of your clicks made it 3. It looks like it only counted one for each of you.

OK, I’ve tested this out in another thread. When you click on a link more than once it will keep showing the number increasing, but that is artificial. Refresh the page and it will only show one added to the count.

I’m sorry, but I fail to see how your suggestion improves the voting mechanic.

Option 1 is. I like an entry. I click like. I change my mind later during the week. I click unlike and recast my like vote.

Your option. I like an entry. I click link. I change my mind later. Tough. I cannot undo clicking a link.

That is also assuming that people don’t “TLDR” and click the first link to see what the post is about.

**Edited for typo.

@Froggy, I can see your point. When I originally posted, I didn’t think about using the Like feature. I think it could still be useful for conducting polls however, until Discourse comes out with their poll system.

Hello everybody! I’m new to this forum but I followed this game since the early Kickstarter.
I have a few questions about the competition:

  1. If we can only submit one model per week, does that mean different versions of the same model can’t be submitted in the same entry? (I have several versions of my wombat, but I don’t know if I have to upload them in separate weeks).
  2. As I recently joined the forum, I don’t think I can show images in my posts. Anyone knows when does the state of new user change? I suppose I can just put a link, but I’d rather see my images. By the way, we have to host pictures in another site or was that fixed with the upgrade that was made?

Thanks in advance

For posting pictures. My status changed from new user to basic user after I had posted in a few threads and it let me post an image.

[quote=“Relyss, post:14, topic:1932”]
If we can only submit one model per week, does that mean different versions of the same model can’t be submitted in the same entry?[/quote]
yes sir… in the interest of fairness/balance we’re limiting it to one model per member, per theme… each week is a new theme, so multiple versions of a previous weeks theme would be irrelevant…

i believe you have to view X number of threads, and respond in X number as well… but i see you’re all set now! :smiley:

I had a misunderstanding about the themes, so thank you for clarifying.
Another member told me how he did to be able to upload images, so I could do it before you replied. Anyway, thanks for everything. (I hope I don’t get disqualified for making an entry with the settler like I did >_< )

dont worry, we’re not too terribly overbearing… well, @Geoffers747 is, but i’ve been working diligently at reigning him in… :tongue:

if you submitted a model you would like me to remove, just let me know and it can be deleted…

Just in case you haven’t seen - @Tim has very kindly offered a prize every month for the winner of the competition.

This prize will be the ‘home’ edition of Qubicle Constructor. @SteveAdamo and I will talk about what else we are going to offer as prizes, and the prize structure, but regardless this is great news! So a big thank you to Tim!!




Thank you very much, @Tim !!!

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