Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 1, Week 2 - Winter Apparel!

If you want to submit your models then please head on over [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-model-submission-cycle-1-week-2-winter-apparel-vote-here/2129/] here. [/url]

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and models. Be it critique, suggestions, or just general chat about your favourite.

Also feel free to post other models you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

Maybe I’ll submit a model…

I have personal connection to this theme. I’ve spent several months (accumulated) in the high arctic, during the dark of winter, living in tents, improvised shelters, and yes even Igloos. Where I live can be considered sub-arctic although with the temperatures being 95F the last week it doesn’t feel like sub-arcitc right now. Maybe I’ll tap into my memories and try to think of some cool models.

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Well, I’m submitting first again. Woohoo!

This time I think I have a pretty good submission though.

first? are you sure? :wink:

Two great submissions right at the start!

Looking forward to this week :smiley:

OK, then, it says that you are the Universal Source of Truth right below your name, so what is @SteveAdamo?

indeed… no shortage of talent among the ranks… well done folks!

well, i was going to keep it under wraps, to avoid any awkwardness… but, well…


Well, if you’re the 5th Cannon, (Even though you’re not related in any way to Tom & Tony) who are the 3rd and the 4th Cannons?

I would assume Mom and Dad Cannon.

that would be @CannonJunior (Chris) and … Mark i believe? mom always liked him more than me, which is why i tend to forget his name so often… :tongue:

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Do we need to use the base villager (human) for the apparel? Or can we use our own types of models?

you can use anything you want to depict winter apparel (clothes/armor)… could be on a person, an animal… anything you like… :smiley:

Yay! fillerfillerfiller

It seems there was a denial of competition submitions as of now, only three people submitted to this weeks competition, while last weeks competitions had about six submitions.


are you referring to theme suggestions, or actual models people submitted? in either case, no submissions have been denied… and this round is open through saturday… plenty of time left! :smiley:

Didn’t someone say that post-effect things were against the rules?

Not trying to sound rude, but I, and a majority of others have not bought Qubicle, so the animated pictures due to exported files make others look like dog poo in comparison, and it is something we cannot do with the free versions of Qubicle.

not rude at all! i recall that now, but i dont recall what was mentioned… let me look (it’s probably in the first round’s discussion thread?)…

@RoseyNineOneOne Ups, I am not aware of that. If that is the case, I will remove my entry of course. I actually did want to contribute something as there where only two entries so far… to keep the competition going a bit. As the topic is not my favorite this week I have decided to work on a submission where at least I learn something… that’s how I ended up with this rendered picture.

Update: Thinking about it, what @RoseyNineOneOne is saying does absolutely make sense. This is a Qubicle-Competition, so post production should be not allowed to make the submissions comparable and not provide any advantage to people who do have more tools at their disposal. I have adjusted my entry with a version which is only created in Qubicle.

@SteveAdamo and @SteveAdamo If this is not in the rules yet for this competition… I would support that a condition like that will be added.


Whilst Steve is great, I think mentioning him twice is overkill :tongue:

On a serious note though:

I remember something like this, my apologies @RoseyNineOneOne for some reason I thought this was against animation, and so can only be seen as a bit of an oversight on my part!

So here’s the thing then, I agree that we shouldn’t allow submissions with any post-production, and so I’ll alter the rules to specify that.

We can then go a step further and say “Only models can be submitted” as in, not a part of a scene, regardless of whether that scene is made in Qubicle or not. What are your thoughts on this? And yours @voxel_pirate?

This would level the playing field a lot, I mean obviously some people may see your work @voxel_pirate or indeed the work of @Froggy and feel slightly disheartened from entering, so I am in favour of simply stripping it back to simply the models.

And @EpicDwarf

There has been no denial of an entry in any way, these competitions are open to every single person on the forums regardless of ability, the only reason I would delete or deny an entry would be if it was in no way relevant to that week, or was obscene in some way.

The lower submission rate could be many things, a lull in activity,or people not wanting to participate this week, who knows.