Qubicle Competition Time frame

Hey everyone,

I just wanna gather some feedback on the start and end dates of each Qubicle week.

So if you could just go ahead and vote on which one you would like below that would be great!

Keep it the way it is now.

Model submission closes Saturday.
Voting closes Sunday, with winners and next theme announced.

Sunday -> Saturday

Change it to:

Model submission closes Sunday.
Voting closes Monday, with winners and next theme announced.

Monday -> Sunday


Prefer the second one… That gives some weekend time for submissions. The week nights are a stress fest.
But I am easy either way, part of the challenge is to find time to do it :smile:

Some men just want to watch the world burn don’t they.

Like the post mon ami to help quantify the feelings! But I have to agree with you on altering it!

Actually I do not mind too much (the schedule)… but what would be great is, to post all contributions first and open the voting just after all are visible. This might not cause a big difference in votes, but feels nicer in terms of fair conditions.


thats an interesting idea… to help prevent a sway towards those that are submitted earlier, etc.


I’d like to see submission time separated from voting time.
One week to submit (Monday->Saturday)
Models moved to a voting thread…(by admin)
Voting for a week? (Monday->Saturday)

This makes for voting to be fair when you can see all submissions.

yeah, i’m thinking something like this would help level the playing field… @Geoffers747 and i can take it offline to revisit timeframes (for both competitions)…

i think two weeks is a bit too long however… we need to keep things moving, keep folks “energized”… :smile:


This is the sort of thing we need feedback on, so thank you!

I mean, obviously @SteveAdamo and I are pretty much the best in the world at everything, but if you guys feel there are things you want us to do differently then just let us know.

Saying all that, I would agree with @SteveAdamo that two weeks might detract from the competition and slow the pace up a little …

I can understand the want to separate it so that all models are submitted at the same time, but I think the week period is long enough for the majority of people to vote, I mean the last submissions in each week still receive a number of votes.

It’s hard to strike that balance, I think the majority of people manage to get models in on time and people cast their votes in the time we allow, especially if the voting closes Monday then people have had the weekend to look at the models.

@SteveAdamo and I will talk about it offline, see if we can come up with anything, and then look at changing it going forward, I definitely think we should move the dates forward, so that people get the weekend to model, perhaps we could reverse it so, model submissions begin Saturday and close Friday?


Right, so, @SteveAdamo and I have talked about this, and we’ve come up with this conclusion.

We will announce the themes ahead of time, in a rolling system that allows you to know the themes for the following 3 weeks

For example, we currently are in cycle 2 week 1, and if we stuck with the old system you wouldn’t know the theme for week 2 until the coming Sunday/ Monday.

What we propose is that you will actually know the themes for

Cycle 2 Week 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Then next week you will know Cycle 3 week 1 theme, and so on so that you are constantly aware of what is coming up. Obviously the submission cycles will remain the same, so you can’t just submit a model for any week at any point.

We felt this was the best way to deal with people perhaps struggling for time, as you can pick and work for the weeks you feel capable of submitting for.

Thoughts and feelings?

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personally? i think its a stroke of genius… and im talking full on:

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I am inclined to agree, best you chaps wear crash helmets to protect those huge squishy brains :school_satchel: :penguin:


Did we decide on splitting submission and voting to separate threads and times?

We settled on doing this:

Submission and voting will remain as it will, but we figured that if we tackle the issue this way, by giving people more time to get to grips with each week and having more time to prep/ work on the models that should help a lot of the issues.

We understand that separating submission and voting would be beneficial as it allows everyone to get a model in before voting begins, but then that throws up some issues with everyone submitting, and stopping people from voting, plus if some people aren’t able to vote say, on the last two days of the competition then that rules them out.

It just seemed like the easiest way to sort out some of the issues, if you don’t like it, let me know, let’s talk this out! Cause I’m all over the place right now!

You make a good point about limited voting time. If submission is 5 days and voting is 2 days, someone might miss the voting window.
Controlling votes on the submission thread is easy - you simply don’t count them and you warn heavily in the thread setup.
There is a possible solution - run concurrent contests. Let me explain:
Submission for Contest 1 is this week (Week 1). Week 2 will be voting for Contest 1 AND submission for Contest 2 (whose voting will be in Week 3).
Of course, Week 3 will be submission for Contest 3 and voting for Contest 2. It does extend a 4 Contest event to 5 weeks (loses the “month” vibe) but allows for fair voting when each entry can be weighed against all other entries at the same time.


This was the sort of thing that we had discussed and felt that it might feel like the whole thing is getting drawn out a bit too long, or separate things out a bit too much.

We also felt that the difference this might make would be negligible, especially at the moment where we’re not inundated with entries, and everybody usually has the chance to view the models, and as such it would seem preferential to maintain a 4 week cycle.

The theme schedule was also put in place so people can have the time they need to compete as you would imagine at some point in the month they would be able to create a submission.

Thoughts @SteveAdamo?

Really appreciate the feedback @Ramcat, we might revisit this further on down the line, especially if we notice that entires submitted later in the week receive less votes/ attention.

as it seems i’m never at a loss for words, i’ll expound here for a bit… :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps we could give the new setup a run through first, and see how things play out… meaning, the new schedule was just introduced, so let’s see how the weeks turn out (submissions/voting, etc.), and revisit this again at the conclusion of this month’s final round…

sound fair?

Sounds good to me.

You like the sound of that @Ramcat?

We’ll keep what we’ve got for this cycle, and for cycle 3 we’ll alter the voting cycle, then at the end of it see which one people preferred.

Sounds good. And this sentance is here just to fill the required character count Discourse imposses.