Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 3, Week 2 - ‘Celebration'

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-submission-thread-cycle-3-week-2-celebration/2811]weeks theme and models[/url]. Be it critique, suggestions, or just general chat about your favourite.

Also feel free to post other models you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

Make sure you check out the [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-theme-schedule/2403] theme schedule [/url] for the upcoming weeks of the Qubicle competition.

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So if I entered last week do I need to put something in this week? (I am unfamiliar with the contest format)

If you won last week, you don’t need to enter this week. If you lost last week, then yes you do, otherwise you won’t make it to the finals.

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It’s okay, so.

Weeks 1 2 and 3 are ‘qualifcation rounds’ for week 4 which is the final.

You can enter in as many weeks as you like, but you are not obliged to enter every week :smile:. As you were one of the winners last week you have earned a place in the final, you will need to compete in week 4 if you want the chance to win a prize though!

Thanks for the explaination (Happy birthday btw)

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congrats to @Pandemic and @Fuerst on your new snazzy titles… :+1:

welcome to the k00l kidz club… we have punch in the back…

and funyuns…

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Is that the Kool-Aid Minotaur? OOOOH YEEEEEAH!

Is there any reward for the winner?

The top two ‘winners’ of weeks 1, 2 and 3 of a cycle earn a place in the final week, week 4, of the cycle, as well as a snazzy new title.

Then whoever wins that final week receives a home edition of Qubicle constructor, or if they already own the home edition, they win an upgrade to the master or voxelizer upgrade.

Second place in the final week will also receive a prize, this differs by month but you can expect games and in the future (or perhaps retrospectively) physical goodies such as Stonehearth t-shirts, stickers, this sort of thing.

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I thought it was for fun… dang it. Now I gotta try.

A victory by default, I cant think of a more glorious way to win ha ha :smiley:

well, congratulations on your new title, nonetheless… :smile:

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There will come a day where I remember to bestow said titles on to the winners.

Alas, that day is not this one.

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i relish these moments… its one of the few times where i feel superior to you…

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