Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 2, Week 3 - ‘Food!’

just wanted to say you guys have stepped it up this week… lots of stunningly savory submissions… :fork_and_knife:

alliteration only partially intended…


@Smokestacks The sliders are limited to 50 but you should be able to write higher numbers.

@KJG555 hehe when I was making the scene for my god submission I had to scale the god up to 12 times the size. Resizing the whole model wasn’t as option. I had to choose a camera angle, chop it up and only scale the visible voxels. And for as many parts as I could I only scaled 2 dimensions, like the width and the height and kept it 1 voxel deep. It was a lot of work, Qubicle was still running in slow motion and I didn’t finish it in time. :smile:
There are other/easier things to think about that might help you though. Remember that empty voxels still count as voxels and uses memory, so try to have as little of them as you can. For example, if your titan is holding his hands out then you can put them in separate matrices and optimize the sizes.

And yes the models will be scaled in the game so you shouldn’t make them big in Qubicle, unless, of course, you’re making a scene in Qubicle where it needs to be bigger. :wink:


Thankyou! Honestly, my title should just say Voxel Noob :smile:

It took a while before I figured it out as well and I had the time to explain to several people how much more difficult stuff got by being limited to 50 :smile:

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