Qubicle Competition Model Submission. Cycle 2, Week 2 - 'Anything That Can Eat You'

So here it is, week 2 of the second cycle of the Stonehearth Qubicle competition, and the theme for this week thanks to @voxel_pirate is - “Anything that can eat you.”

This week is pretty wide and you guys have a big area to submit models on. Be it a gigantic monster, to a plant that has a taste for your settlers. The choice is yours!

Just to go over the rules once more:

  • You can only submit one model per week.
  • The model can be anything related to the theme, as long as it can be achieved with the free version of Qubicle - no post-production effects, animations, etc.
  • Vote for as many models as you want - simply ‘like’ their post by clicking the heart at the bottom of the submission.
  • Keep all discussion of this week over [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-discussion-thread-cycle-2-week-2-anything-that-can-eat-you/2454] here[/url], as anything in this thread that isn’t a model will be moved or deleted.

Model submissions will close on the 11th August, and the winners of this week will be announced on the 12th August.

We want to see models regardless of ability and quality as we’re thinking about the possibility of having future awards such as ‘most improved modeller’, so don’t feel like you can’t submit!

Check out the upcoming theme’s for the next 4 weeks of the competition at the [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-theme-schedule/2403] theme schedule [/url] thread.

You can download Qubicle basic [urlhttp://www.minddesk.com/purchase.php] here [/url].

Oh I am a sucker for irony

I call it The Whopper, but what I mean by that is that it whops you before proceeding to do to you what you would have to it. Some call it karma :smile:


This looks to be a simple chicken man doesn’t it?
Well, it looks like he got caught by some cannibal goblins!(goblins, by the way, love to eat):

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The “Scimitar Cat”. Lone hunter, every time it makes a kill it reproduces (survival mod). Likes to hang out on the tops of trees, hunts day or night. You better hunt them down and kill them before all your villagers disappear!


I think I’m getting better at this, here is my 3rd voxel-esque model. I made one of the most awesome things I could’ve possibly made.

Gyarados using Hyper Beam.


Well, first post on the forums, first entry into the model submissions.
I for one am glad to bring you the return of an old friend reborn for nostalgia.
G is for Grue

Top Render

Bottom Render


Some great entries so far!

Model submission closes in about 40 hours, so get your models and votes in!

“As the waning cresent moon rests high in the sky over the remnants of
a recent battle, a ball of fire streaks across the sky. The deadly
fireball smashes into the ground with an explosion and once the fire
dies down a dark figure can be seen walking among the dead corpses.
This cat like humanoid, with the head of a tiger and tails glowing with a firey blaze,
chooses it’s cold lifeless victim, tosses him in his flaming chariot
and takes to the skies again with a thundering inferno.”

We stare at the wise old man as he tells us this mythic story and utters one last warning to us.

“The dead must be buried with haste, let them rot and the Kasha will come to take them to the gates of Hell! Do not interfere if this shall happen, or you may as well end up being a midnight snack!”

Didn’t get much time to finish up the model, it’s only half done but I decided to submit it anyways. Hope you enjoy it anyways. :smile:

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Last day to get your submissions in folks, voting will close tomorrow.

You have approximately 12 hours left to submit, good luck!

BEHOLD!! the mighty slime of death!

Very simple, but i like him :smile:


Ladies and gentlemen. May I have the pleasure to present to you, Dr. Hannibal Lector.
Please, don’t try to feed him anything. He may take more than you are offering.


Aaaaaaaaand we’re closed.

A massive thank you to everyone for their models, this week has been great!

Voting is still open for another 24 hours, so please, get your votes in!

A reminder that next week’s theme is ‘food’, submissions will open tomorrow, and make sure to keep checking the [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-theme-schedule/2403] theme schedule [/url] for upcoming themes!

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Voting closes in 10 hours, make sure you get your votes in!

Congratulations to @Smokestacks and @Public_Static for earning a place in the final!

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