Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 2, Week 3 - ‘Food!’

So how do the finals work? Do you have to win at least one week to participate, or can you save up for the finals and still win?

Sorry, you have to win an earlier round first. If you win this week then you can participate :smile: of course, if you don’t make it in, feel free to post what you would’ve put in in the discussion thread, it just unfortunately can’t win :crying_cat_face:

Looks like you’ll get to make it as you’re winning at the moment for this week.

personally i just want the cool forum title tingo

:smiley: cool! I wasn’t sure if I would get to participate in the final Titan one but either way I started to brainstorm ideas for it and I already scrapped 2 ideas that I put several hours into cause they ended up being very ugly and waaaaaaaaaaaay too much work. (Especially for someone like me who doesn’t know very many shortcuts and ends up modify a lot of stuff by individual voxels.) I’m working on another one right now that is coming out pretty nicely and is definitely far more cuddly than my previous Titan ideas.

Titan’s are pretty much by definition giant behemoths of destruction that sow pain and fear wherever they tread, where on earth did cuddly come from? Mine is likely to dance around in the middle of the uncanny valley if at all possible as I’ve been experimenting with physical arms and legs and you can get some very weird results.

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I do have to share @Xavion’s curiosity…:smile:

The creature is sorta cuddly looking by default. I have to add some stuff to make it more destructive but I doubt it’ll become less cuddly

The Stonehearth style can make stuff look cutesy I suppose as shown by the Cthulhu model, I’m thinking I’ll make something for my Steelhearth idea though. Tenderizing, gaping maws of death anyone?

Well, GG @KJG555, I’m gonna start working on my workshop idea. (I love your tea cosie under the ladle.)

:smiley: Thank You @ScruffyEchidna! I actually had a lot of trouble with the coloration on that cause it kept looking like some sort of watermelon for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

@jonyon54 I would just like to say that I think [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-model-submission-cycle-2-week-3-food/2560/8?u=geoffers747]your take on this week[/url], is genius.


Tanks :smile:
i had another idea at first, but it didn’t really was about food, more about something that i think is more essential for living and made me miss a few meals…
Here is what i made at first, it’s not finished but i hope the idea is clear:

I had planned to post it in my unused Qubicle thread, but i guess here is fine

So I’m currently re-sizing my Titan thing cause I made a smaller version that turned out to be only a little larger than the villagers. I decided I would multiply everything by 5 cause that seemed about right and it did make it the size I wanted but I did not realize that that would basically turn it into a 163MB creation so I either need to size it down a bit or figure out a way to use that size without having an insanely laggy Qubicle Constructor

You can try to work on it on a small scale and make it larger after you finish.

My Qubicle limits me to 50x50x50…? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong :crying_cat_face:

@jonyon54 That’s what I was doing but when I resized the model to 5 times the size I started with it just lagged to much that I probably wouldn’t be able to get a good turntable on it. I’m doing 3 times the size at the moment which isn’t as satisfying but at least I can work with it. I guess as long as I get my idea across that will be fine. Edit: The model that is 3 times the size is only 36MB. Hurrah!

@Smokestacks I have no idea. I’m a newby for this stuff so I just use whatever works. Are you talking about when you stretch it or when you make a new shape thing?

Either, it limits me on both :crying_cat_face:

And you don’t actually need to resize your model do you? You can grow it in the game so it can actually be a lot bigger than humans, that’s what they’re doing with Cthulu, who is actually slightly smaller than a human

@Smokestacks I’m not sure but since I stuck a villager model next to mine for comparison I might as well just go with it. I’ll just try different things until I finding something that works nicely

-.- now I’m hungry. Thanks. :wink:

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