Pueblo! (A WHOLE CITY in one template!) (WIP!)

Alright, well I’m probably only going to be able to work on this is short bursts, but I’m working on a template for a giant sprawling clay building(s), and I’m gonna keep ya’ll updated on it so I don’t lose motivation on it!

Here’s the template I have now, it’s not much and there’s a high possibility I’m going to delete it and start again to add enough depth to really get the sheer height and number of stories I’m going for. pueblo monstrosity wip 1.zip (2.9 KB)

I forgot to take any screenshots of the thing because I’m kind of in a hurry to get to class, and I have no idea if it’s buildable, but I’ll update you guys later on when I have time to work on it more. Peace!

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I would strongly suggest a picture of the city, otherwise it has no draw for those looking.


In one template!? I imagine placing it will destroy the whole game.

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its in your Building template folder

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