PS4 & Xbox One?

So now that we have seen both the Xbox One and PS4, will we see Stonehearthon either one of them? I think I remember them saying something about direct uploads to PS4 for indie games. Is there any way you guys could do that? I would love to play Stonehearth on my PS4! (and possibly have my exclusives on there :smile:)

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Never heard about any plans in this direction. One of the Stretch Goals for Kickstarter was a Linux / Mac OS version… so with this you can count. But any consoles? Not sure.

Like voxel said, they haven’t said anything about porting it to a console but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done sometime in the future. I’d imagine with Microsoft’s hoops you have to jump through to get a game on Xbox, It would be far easier to port to PS4 when it releases as Sony stated during E3 that they would be implementing self-publishing (Or maybe it was something else) Indie games.

Don’t forget Wii U! I would be a shame if it couldn’t be on the e-Shop


funny… consoles have never come up during any of the streams (that i recall)… good question though!

as im not a huge console player myself, im not too invested in the answer, but i do know its an entirely different ball-o-wax when deciding to port… who knows, and anything is possible i suppose… :smiley:

If it’s going to make its way on to any console, I think the first one should be the OUYA, that’s about as friendly as it gets for folks like us, and would likely be the best way to insure the ability to do things like mod and upload our favorite mods.

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I can’t source it but I am fairly certain they briefly mentioned no plans in this dierection.

I’m sure once the game is done and is out of beta. It may show up o the Xbox1 or PS4.

if you watch the dev videos it shows tech being used which wouldnt be supported on a console environment (chrome overlay etc…). This would make it impossible to port. They would have redev then entire interface and possibly the game its self from the ground up…
At its core its a computer game

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The “Next-Gen” consoles ( Xbox 1, PS4, Wii U, etc) showed a lot of compatibility with native PC games, but Stonhearth’s chrome overlay probably could not be ported to the Next-Gen.

i would require application layering

Don’t Starve can also be played on the PC and Chrome. I don’t think it would be an issue.

Please don’t. I think I will cry if this is ported. There is no way the PS4 or XBONE will allow for the type of mods that the PC version would carry. There is little to no point on doing it if you’re going to stifle the console community of the creativity you encourage in the PC/Mac/Linux Community.

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Sorry! I doubt it… First they would have to re-code the game and the team is only a crew of two men ETC. But like “Crobo” said that the Xbox One doesn’t support mods also i’m pretty sure it costs to buy a license which would probably require more money which of they have now. And for a change I would like to see just a PC game and you never know that having a Xbox version would probably slow down the release date…

I hope not.
I am a PC gamer, consoles do not interest me. Console gaming is distictively different from PC gaming and any and all games I remember that worked on both were crap on PC - partially because they were sluggish to steer or of extremely bad design. In fact whenever I get interested in a new game I first look if it also runs on consoles - if it does I know that I don’t have to bother with it.

This isn’t as difficult as you would think. All next-gen consoles are using customized Jaguar APUs from AMD. They’re all literally computers they would only need to alter the code where applicable to deal with the licensing issue which…

You’re right on the money, pun intended. It costs money, a LOT of money and since they would be handicapping the game I hope with all my might that they do NOT do this. Take Minecraft as an example. You cannot compare the PC version to the console version, the feeling of the game is vastly stripped down and unwieldy.

On another note if you think Steam will get their cut, by god Microsoft and Sony will rip every penny they can out of the Devs hands. From licensing fees, to publishing fees, percent of profit from every copy sold on their store. I don’t doubt Radiant will still make money as there game seems to have the makings of greatness, but it’s still heavy losses all considered.

That is because most games are ported from console to PC and last gens consoles were mainly custom builds. This time around they are using the Jaguar architecture as stated above, but I’m sure the coding for their platform will have some change to allow them to license games. Either way I agree that most ports are trash.

Xbox one - can never see that happening. Indies will require a publisher to get on to the platform and as such, well, that’s a massive business decision Radiant would have to make. I don’t think it’s beneficial.

Consoles as a whole, whilst I love them, this generation at least, really aren’t equipped to handle these sorts of games, ignoring the work that would needed to be done to actually get the game on the console, you’re then limited I think in so many ways.

Assuming the model doesn’t really change, you can forget about mods, something that is an integral part to Stonehearth, and then you can’t just update the game, you have to jump through all the hoops that run alongside getting patches etc on consoles.

As nice as it would be , the logisitics of getting it working would be a pain (not talking porting wise) but like what Geoffers was saying, how are you going to handle mods and community content which is at the core of the game.

That being said I only think the wii u would really work for this genre given the face that it has a better control system for the genre. It’d be much easier with a stylus than a controller. Also It would probably be the easier console to actually get onto. The kickstarter for “A hat in time” is looking at wii u porting (though completely different genre) and the seem to be getting help to avoid the big costs associated with publishing.

But yeah, It’s probably incredibly difficult to make work and would probably take away alot of time from actually making the game. Maybe it would be an option down the road.

I’ve actually see a few mods been made for console. I mean they managed to hack and mod Promod onto cod4 on both PS3 and 360 and that’s a game not set up for being modded.

Also recent the DayZ team said the PS4 would be possible for them Xbone not as much due to the updates not being free

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DayZ is re-releasing as a standalone. Not as a mod.

The way COD 4 servers worked is that they could redirect to download necessary elements straight off of dedicated hosts.

No matter how you slice it, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.