Stonehearth for WiiU?


Pls release Stonehearth for WiiU!! =)



Definitely wasn’t expecting that!


I am not sure they have any intention of everrleasing this game for console, I am pretty sure making a game for console is pretty different from PC


Ah, what a perfect idea. Port the game to a propietray console, removing modding support and having terrible control schemes!


Dont forget paying thousands of dollars for development kit and nintendo sucks for third party support.

Im not sure WiiU is even worth the money to buy, nobody seems to be making games for it.


I genuinely hope he was joking.


There is no reason to call him out on it guys, he was just asking.
But no, I don’t think this will ever happen since mods would be semi-impossible and other reasons mentioned in this thread.
Mods are an important part of the game.


Yer you’re right, it was just a bit left-field!

Definitely agree with you, releasing on the Wii U would restrict things quite a bit, I can’t even see the game working on the console - I mean look at Minecraft on Xbox, whilst the port (I think) has been executed really well so far, there is no access to mods, soemthing which will seemingly be core to Stonehearth!


Double genuinely hope.

Nintendo is dying a slow agonizing painful death spitting out remakes and shoddy games and putting delays on all the games people want to play. (As in Pikmin)

And yeah, as Geoffers said. No mods = tears.

I don’t really understand the people who want games on consoles. Consoles limit everything!


WiiU Dev-Kit is grants free.

Please have a look here;


I don’t think it will be that do-able to be honest… doesn’t seem to fit with the style of the game either.