Have you considered console?

i have bought this game for support mostly because my laptop isnt very good at handling games and i was wondering if you had considered a console release if thats possible. xbox one has preview that games in development can go up. id love to be able to play this game agian but cant at the moment i really like this style of game and there are non on console so you would have the market cornered on there. but please let me know your thoughts.

Heh my save game currently sucks up 9,5 gigs of ram

I somehow doubt any of the consoles would manage that at all! But down the line maybe, who knows

From a personal point of virw minecraft on consoles is a waste of space and i feel stonehearth would likely suffer from some of the same downfalls.

the first “console” is the mac. i assume the devs will never ever make a other port again. Handling and maintenance different game versions is a hughe work for devs and support team.
Its usually more than simply just PC and Mac ->PC x64 / PC x68 / Mac / maybe dividend in steam and on steam version, I think there are deluxe versions (or extra kickstarter versions with dragon pet) so every version get an other “variant” of the game witch needs also maintenance.

At the end good production tools can handle a lot of the work, but you always have to check it with human eves if everything is alright.
The stonehearth team is only a small team. I assume they will have enough trouble with the mac port.

(i hope they don`t waste to much time in supporting x86 versions, its more trouble than benefit)

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I can only imagine what a pain in the pooper it would be to build custom buildings as we do on pc.
I was in your shoes a few years ago with another game that I wanted for console. Just forget it, and safe up for a pc.

There’s a few work arounds that have been posted on here that mac it playable via Mac.

Some are rather simple to get done.

The biggest “plus” for considering Stonehearth on consoles is that porting from Windows to Xbone is much … easier?

Mostly just figuring out how the gameplay would work.

Umm openGL game so Sony maybe but MS unlikely since they really dont support vulkan or openGL.

And sony update policy would never allowe an early access game :stuck_out_tongue:

On top of the performance concerns that were already mentioned, console development usually also requires huge license fees before you’ve even sold one unit of your game. Stonehearth isn’t really meant to be played with a controller either. In the worst case, you could use it as well as any other website with a controller, because that’s what the GUI basically is.