Mac port for Stonehearth

Hello. I am sure you get asked this a lot and I am sorry for asking again but, when do you think this game will have a mac port? I backed this game on kickstarter a long time ago and we haven’t really gotten much news on a mac port. I asked this same question about a year ago and I was informed that it should have happened already. I understand that schedules are hard to keep and I don’t mean to rush you. I just wanted to have an idea of when we might see a mac port of this game.


hey there @JonahTbaum, as far as i know the Mac version will be released around the same time as the Beta version of the game, but i’m probably wrong, as TR hasn’t actually given an exact time/date yet. :confused:

in the meantime you could try this,

i’m pretty sure that method will still work…

hope that helps in some way…


Okay. Thank you.
I was actually downloading wine as I was writing this to try it out. I will add something here if it is still working.

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Okay. I have launched the game so it seems to work. Thanks.


Good to know it still works! I’m not around a mac frequently anymore so I’m glad the very basis wrapper still works. Which actually it should as long as stonehearth doesn’t use any new repositories:P


I was making a quick “Playing Stonehearth on Mac Guide” when the discourse informed me that you already did ;). Kudos to you for a great guide!