Mac Launcher for StoneHearth

A long time ago @Gorkiork created an awesome guide on how to use Wineskin to configure Stonehearth, now while it is a good solution it makes updates tedious and might be somewhat complicated.

This inspired me to create what I’m going to show you in this topic, a Mac Launcher for Stonehearth.
You are all welcome to download it here.

The launcher is currently unable to install from files/HumbleBundle downloads and you will need to use the Steam version. The launcher will happily force Steam to download the Windows version of StoneHearth for you, just click install from Steam and it’ll figure out what it needs to do to get you running.

The Launcher does of course not include Stonehearth and will require you to purchase Stonehearth yourself. I really hope this makes Radiant not butcher me for making this :smile:.


Feedback & Credits

Feedback or bug reports would be greatly appreciated as this is the absolute first version and I have only tested it locally on my own Mac.

Thanks to @Gorkiork for the initial guide and @cookme for his guide on how to get Steam for Mac to download StoneHearth for Windows.


Great stuff @victorzimmer when I have the time, i’ll sure give it a try!


Awesome, any feedback is of course greatly appreciated :wink:

Got any time to try it yet @Gorkiork?

Not yet, currently busy with examens. I’ll have some free time on saturday.

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Hi, I downloaded it, but how do i get Stonehearth grom steam to my mac?

Hi! i downloaded this launcher but it wont get steam to download the game ;-;

yeah i just downloaded the launcher but the only clickable button is create new profile. When i do that the new profile doesn’t show up.

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@Ian_Fishman I have the same problem as you I dont know what is wrong.

Hey sorry, I haven’t een around lately. Apparently the App has some issues on first use because a folder it needs doesn’t exist. I’ll see if I can find the time to fix the app soon, but for now you can manually fix it by going to “~/Library/Application Support/Stonehearth Mac Launcher/Default” and create a folder named “Profiles”.

Keep in mind things might not work, after all its been about a year since I made this.

Hi @victorzimmer Idid everything you said, but now I’m stuck with an error that looks like this and I don’t know how to solve it!