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I’ve been wondering for a while now: will Stonehearth be developed for Windows, Mac and Linux at the same time, or rather after full release of the game?

Apologies if this was mentioned somewhere, I did do a search on the forums but couldn’t find a topic like this.



@lewis_mcreu Im not sure if they will be made at the same time but Im pretty sure they will be released at to public at the same time and before @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 get the chance Welcome to the Forums and the StoneHearth community!!!

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Mac and Linux are being developed at the same time and will be done by full release. They may however not be available for all or any of beta but should hopefully be released during beta.

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first, welcome aboard @lewis_mcreu! :wink:

second, this was the official stance before the $200k stretch goal was attained:

“We fundamentally believe in cross platform support, and we are
avoiding Windows only tech so that we can eventually support Mac and
Linux. Unfortunately, since we are writing our own engine, we don’t
get cross-platform support for free. Mac and Linux ports WILL be
stretch goals. We’ll announce all the stretch goals when we near our
funding goal.”

i dont recall having read anything else official as to a release during beta, but absolutely at public release… :smiley:

@SteveAdamo @Newf I’ve been around for a bit longer than today you know, and welcomed too :smile:

And thanks for the info, I realise now that I didn’t pose my question very well, but I did get an answer. So, recap: the game will certainly be developed for Mac/Linux (as I knew from Kickstarter), and might or might not be made cross platform during the initial dev stages, and maybe released cross platform in beta?
Did I get that right?

@lewis_mcreu how come we have never seen you?

@Newf idk… It’s not like I’ve posted a lot, but I have been here anyway. And @SteveAdamo did see me before in the topic about the games you’re looking forward too. I mentioned Under The Ocean, and he seemed interested.

@lewis_mcreu @SteveAdamo Based on this evidence Steve appears to have a terrible memory


i blame that partially on being old… and partially on … oh, wait… its right on the tip of my :tongue2:… oh well, it will come to me later…


Dammit @lewis_mcreu why have you not posted on a regular basis?! But yer I do remember you across a few threads!

That sounds about right. We haven’t heard any official confirmation as for when mac/ linux will be available, so I wouldn’t be willing to say definitively ‘by this date’!

But yer, it’s coming, as for when, your guess is good as mine. It would make sense to have the release across all systems at the same time, but how that will be handled, again I’m not too sure.

Sorry for the vagueness!

@Geoffers747 I’m in the middle of exams, so I haven’t had that much time…
And just saying, but for other indie games (like Sanctum) a port to Mac/Linux was only made after release, while it was know in advance that the port to Mac would be made.

Since StoneHearth has no Windows-exclusive features though (as @SteveAdamo quoted), I’m hoping for cross platform beta.

It’s cool, I was joking anyway! Hope your exams went great :smile:.

I would imagine getting the mac/linux release would rely on them hiring someone specifically focussing on that side of it? But don’t quote me on that!

See what I did there? :trollface:


Oh I see all right. I see, and I don’t like what I see.


@Geoffers747 I won’t. That what we have @Crobo for.


I’m unsure if you’ve taken into account that not everyone will be using Microsoft Windows. I’m hoping your game will also have a Linux (ubuntu / debian) version as well.

It will (Linux / Mac), as it was announced (see $ 200k Stretch Goal @ Kickstarter).

P.S. @GOD the search-function is your friend :wink:.


Sorry to bring up an old post but didn’t want to start a new thread. I know we will have a mac client by release but with this news of the alpha coming up has there been news of mac through out the alpha/beta?


@Tom’s most recent comment on the KS comments were simply that it would be “PC first”… radiant knows their fans are anxious for Mac and Linux releases, so I can’t imagine they will be too much further down the road…

Hmmm okay. I will end up dual booting my computer anways to play it… but if they’re avoiding windows-only tech it shouldn’t be too hard to develop it cross platform.

I figure if other titles can do it so can they :wink: haha