Stonehearth on Linux (with WINE)

I bought this game a while ago and haven’t been able to play it, since my only Windows computer has old-ish integrated graphics and can’t even handle something as relatively simple as Stonehearth. :frowning:

I decided to try using WINE to run the game on my gaming system, which uses Ubuntu 13.10 the majority of the time (I have Windows 7 dual-booted but I’d much rather just use linux).

I’m going to see if I can make it work with WINE in the next few days, and I’ll report back here with my results. If anybody else has tried the same thing, please let me know and we can compare our experiences. If you also run linux and are wondering if WINE will work, why not watch this thread. Thanks! :smile:

hey there @sopwerdna… I’m almost certain that there’s a few other folks who’ve successfully pulled this off…

I don’t recall if it was discussed here, on the official site or on Curse though…

either way, good luck and keep us posted! :smiley:

A few folks were trying with WINE on Mac, the results were less than successful if I remember … always running into one fault or another.

@tabber over at the curse had managed to get the game running on VMWare on Mac running Windows, but that was about it. post #3

Either way like @SteveAdamo said, please keep us all updated with your experience!


A bit of a preliminary update: I’m having some weird issues with architecture… when I try to run the executable from the .zip download, it complains that my wineserver is 64-bit and the game is 32-bit? Quite strange, so I tried using PlayonLinux to make a 32-bit virtual drive and changing the WINEPREFIX environment variable to the the playonlinux drive. This resulted in the same crash that others have observed, with the error dialog box reading only “loading more details” or something similar.

I’m going to try using a different computer and see if I can install a 32-bit version of wine from the start… (or even simply use a 32-bit operating system install)… so I’ll report back here when I’ve found time to try that.


Any update on this @sopwerdna?

…I guess you can tell I forgot about that…

I’m going to try it again with the current version this weekend hopefully

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Ha, well it was good of you to come back :smiley:

Eagerly awaiting an update!


Just thought I would mention that I got it working with some caveats. I have it running on both an ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 machines but you have to install latest and greatest wine, namely 1.7 (see link below for a how to). I did not have to do any special setup, it worked right out of the box with one note. The cpu load spike with lua usage while constructing a building, but everything else seems to function.

The OS also has to be set to Win XP, Win 7 does not work and nothing else has been checked.


Got it working using Crossover 15 + WinXP as a bottle.

However, the game occasionally crashes.

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Hey there @DenGorbachev, welcome to the Discourse!

Glad to hear that you were able to get it working on Linux. While Linux is not officially supported (yet!), we do still try to offer support when we can here on the forums. Do you know if the game is crashing in any sort of consistent manner? Can you upload your stonehearth.log and (if it exists) your crash.dmp from the game directory? Might give some clues as to the crash reason.