Linux: Latest wine staging is able tu run Stonehearth 64 bit client

Wine staging now includes a patch which allows the 64 bit client to be run under linux via wine.

The needed patch is that one:

The bug was reported here: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 40858 – Stonehearth ( 0.17.0, develop 3023): 64 bit version crashes on startup

Despite stating that the problem is not being able to allocate more than 32 GB of RAM, the issue was preventing Stonehearth to run in 64 bit mode in general.
My PC has 8GB RAM and after applying this patch wine finally launches Stonehearth in 64 bit mode, which was not possible before.

So for now one has to compile wine staging to use the patch, but it should not be too long until a new release of wine-staging with that patch included comes around the corner.


Thanks for this! In installed the wine-staging on my Mac and I can run Stonehearth now. It’s slow to the point of being unusable though. Any tips? Is this just par for the course with wine?

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It really shouldn’t be a problem speed wise. Can you run other games fine on your mac?