Is Stonehearth no longer compatible with Wineskin?

I’ve been trying to use wineskin, but whenever I try to load it up on wineskin it says that it’s encountered a serious problem and needs to close. I am using the latest wineskin engine and latest stonehearth build. Here’s the test log when I test run it on wineskin:
LastRunWine.txt (24.0 KB)
LastRunX11.txt (4.0 KB)

Thanks for the logs! Yes so far I haven’t been able to get it working past Alpha19. See this post for instructions on how get the legacy version working: The Mac version

If you read the thread a bit above that you can see what I’ve tried so far. Lemme know if you figure out a way to run the latest!


There is a happy ending to the story! I just got bootcamp, so now I don’t need wineskin and I can play the latest stonehearth anytime I want!


The best part, it didn’t even cost me a cent to get the software.