Protocol H error with firewalld (Linux - Wine)

HI, Ive been able to run and play stonehearth for over a year now on my linux system thanks to wine64 however i have a constant problem with Firewall D on my linux distrobution, after 5 days in game or so, sometimes more and sometimes less, any savegame will come up with an error saying Assertion Failed: c > 0 && c <
ReadBufferSize(C:\rb\ihome\root\SH-OB0-BUILD\stonehearth\source\include\protocol.h:138) - Im relatively certain that protocol.H:138 is a firewallD protocol since other games experience the same issue when FirewallD is installed and have traced it back to FirewallD. in stonehearth the error has come up before however appart from changing distrobution to something without the firewallD software there has never been a fix since i dont think anyone ever connected the crash to the firewall within stonehearth,

  • bacically im asking does anyone know any way to change wine’s or stonehearth’s access past the firewall? since i think this might help with the problem.
  • thanks - blocks119 out