ProfessorCrafter's Crafting Corner!

Hey, all! Prof_Crafter here, and with new models to share! First, I want to give you my newest creation… an ELF! As you can see, I gave him pointy ears, and a leafy green texture, with added gold! This is my prototype, so I might change him. Please leave any feedback and advise, so I may improve his look. :grin:


Now that my Friend Is and ELF!!!
All he needs now is a chokabo to ride and a Bow!
P.S. Keep The Good work up!!
P.S.S. first!

Ok, I gave him the bow! Hopefully that added more detail. :smiley:

^ B.T.W… What is that doing there!? Seems like my models are finding ways to get in my pictures! :smile:


Really nice! Just a quick tip, try to avoid making your colours too saturated (near to the top right corner of the palette) unless you really want it to ‘pop’, such as shiny objects. Tone those colours down slightly though and you’ve got yourself an excellent first model! :smile:

nice work @Prof_Crafter! loving the direction your elf is taking…

cant wait to see moar! :smile:

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I like it, you might consider making his ears go a little more back, and not quite outward as much. It looks awesome though!

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… nice model, just wondering if it is different enough from the “standard” look so that you can identify him as an Elf from a distance. Would a different skin or hair color work?


I’m liking that, how about for instance the elf you encounter in the forest during a trading mission would likely be a Woodland Elf, so maybe their hair might be a shade of green.

Well, I tried your suggestions with the elf’s colour, but I could not find anything that would look good, So I decided to do that later! But for now, I have my new invention… the FISHMAN!

And of course, he needs to be able to fight! Please note: These fish are W.I.P! I just threw them together quickly for feedback, but if these go well, I WILL modify them! Good ol’ fishmen! :octopus:

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i think the model might need some more detail/depth around the torso and head perhaps? i dunno, i suppose fishmen wouldnt wear too many garments, would they… :smile:

are the black lines on his feet meant to be darker scales, or two separations, or…

i do like that sword and shield combo though… very nice!

Like I said, they are a W.I.P. But I like your idea! Maybe Lighter belly scales, and a loincloth! :grin: The black lines on the feet are kind of like how the back tail-fin on a fish as the lines going trough it, bones I guess? But I will try and adjust that. Thanks for giving me some areas to improve on! :slight_smile:

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oh absolutely… and its so difficult to try and give constructive feedback without sounding like a complete windbag at times… :smile:

looking forward to fishmen v2.0… :+1:

i would like to see some chtulu type soldiers

SharpKris, I like the idea, but I will want to finish my fishmen first. Maybe once I’m done :smiley:

Alright! Here is today’s work! As people said, the fishmen needed a bit more detail, well… here!

I added a ‘fin colour’ (The light blue!) to the hands, and the feet-fin on the fishman to the right! I also added a lighter stomach. Please tell me if the highlighted feet-fin (right picture) looks better, or if it makes the fishman look bad! Here is a dynamic picture of it’s back fin!

i sort of do prefer the highlighted feet… and the fins add a nice touch! :+1:

looking good but imo the feet are a bit to bright compared to the rest of the modle but im super prone to blending the colours on my modles with slight variations. also remember to stay away from the top right corner.

p.s. sorry if i sound like an ass i don’t mean to

@Xeno Hey, your perfectly right! Giving advice is not an ass-move, it is accually very helpful! I will go back to their models, and turn the colours down.
@SteveAdamo Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Alriiiiiiiiight, I am back! Today, I tweaked the brightness of the fin colour till I thought it didn’t stand out too much, but still enough to be a noticable difference! The colour was made darker quite a bit, but I want the fins to be a different colour (lighter) to stand out as fins. Just like my pet fish! Now I don’t have to strain my eyes looking at the fins, but I don’t have to guess if they ARE fins.

Hey, it’s DOUBLE DAY! Two posts in a single day. I decided to add a new weapon. I present to you, the spear!

Now the fishmen may have long(er)-ranged weapons!