Problem with optimized models

So after the team changed their models export settings, I followed and start adapting my models too.
For hearthling outfits there is no choice, you have to change else your models will be exploded instead of fitting in their bodies.

But in the goblin kingdom, we are still having problems. Both the goblin body and their outfits are using the optimized qb models. But for some reason some outfit parts (mainly from asymmetry outfits or parts of the outfit that are not the same size of the body part) seems to be misaligned or sometimes inverted.
Here how the armor should look:
And here it is similar to how it is in the game:

@malley do you know what it could be? Is it something with the model? Is it the game? When both the goblin body and the outfit is saved not optimized, the models work fine. But having those big file sizes is a big downside.


Yes I do! Only just recently noticed this issue myself. I believe the problem comes from the original model and the new model having a matrix with a different center point. So the new shoulder you are making is wider than the original shoulder. To fix this, just go into your optimized file, select the shoulder, and adjust the size of the matrix so that there is extra empty space on one side. I think you want to add the negative space in the opposite direction you want to go, but don’t hold me to that (just try it out, it’ll be obvious).

I’m glad modders already know about this, I hadn’t realized that we had told you (and if I was the one who said it, then I’m sorry I forgot). It significantly saves on file sizes (like from 6mbs down to 150kbs, so nuts), though it does add a little complexity, like the above.

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Oh no… That would add a lot of work. Suddenly a bigger file size doesn’t look so bad hahaha

Well, a heads up for anyone using Voxelshop, it is not possible to do custom size matrix in it.
Though it is possible in this new software: A new free alternative to Qubicle


Aw, that sucks : /. The bigger file size isn’t really the end of the world for most models, generally its just a weight on the hard drive - but making these files smaller does make a fairly drastic decrease in game load times. This is because we are opening these large files, creating a polygonal model, then closing the large file and never opening it again. For an end-game (10+hours) save, this load time savings is HUGE : ).

Also, the larger the model and the more bones there are, the more of a problem this is - which is why all this started. We had a file that was over 50mbs, that we reduced down to 151kbs. That file by itself caused nearly a second of lag on its own when the entity was spawned : /. So, its pretty important in some cases - but not the end of the world for others. (I didn’t even bother to optimize critters or doorways and such.)


Also - thanks for the link, I’ll try it out : ).

That Goxel is an interesting program. A little difficult to use, but does make it pretty easy to adjust the size of the matrices.

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