A new free alternative to Qubicle

Opensource, simple, with on-going updates, can export .qb files, have support multiple layers, can export .obj files (for animations) and many tools that I’m yet to discover because I was so excited to find this that I had to stop and tell you guys about it.


So far it has all the voxelshop useful tools, with the easy to use and good visuals of magica.



OK this looks great 0.o

Nice thx for sharing!

Any updated review on this? Still happy with it? Any missing features?

Yes, with the current change of hearthling models to use optimized matrix, this software is a must for outfits and equipment, cause if your matrix is not the same size or at least centered in the exact same coordinate, it will look wrong in the game (for example, asymmetrical outfits). With this software I can manually change the size and position of the matrix ‘hitbox’, which is not possible in voxelshop.


I used Goxel to correct the centre alignment of my MagicaVoxel models. Could not be any easier :merry:

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Just tried it out with a hearthling model. Never did any modelling before, but was interested getting into it, now that SH is nearly ‘finished’.
Quite cool and easy to use. (Well after doing 2D stuff with gimp before, my bar for complexity is quite high ;))

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Can it open/import the stock SH .qb’s as well?

yup, can import the qb files (under “import qubicle”)


Great! Working with .qb’s has been a PITA for me in the past. Might have to return to this now. :slight_smile:

So I’m having this odd issue. I imported the stock SH worker outfit into Goxel (8.0 or 8.1) and “repainted” it. Then I saved it over the original worker outfit. I started a new game and there was my outfit! Then a week later when I had time i decided I would slowly start making new outfits for my hearthlings. I can import any stock SH outfit into Goxel but I cannot import the outfit I changed last week. It lets me choose the outfit, then the program crashes. Also if i import a stock outfit and “repaint” it, it now crashes the game. Any ideas what has happened to my pc?

Can you send us the .qb file that is crashing it? If the error is not in the file it would be useful for the developer to check his software.

Here is one of the files. I ended up uninstalling SH, manually deleting all files, running a recovery on my pc, and reinstalling everything. Now that I have done that the old models still crash Goxel but anything I edit now works and loads just fine. My kitten is learning how to type and I suspect she changed some setting while napping on the keyboard!
worker_outfit.qb (7.3 KB)

Also just for the record I LOVE Goxel!!! Thank you to the awesome person/people who gave their time for us to have such a great tool!!!

The file is bugged somehow. I tested in two other softwares and it would not open.

However it will open in game if put in the worker outfit folder. Like i said, I reinstalled everything and no longer have the issue. Just putting it up here for research purposes.