I need help what is a good free software for making models

Please do help i am trying to make a mod but can’t afford qubicle

some of us use voxelshop (yet i don’t know how to update it xD)

can i export qb and qmo files?

i am also very new and i have almost zero knowledge on how mods work

qb for sure
qmo i don’t know what it is but no :frowning:
only this ones for the version i have:

only qb and png will be ok i believe
about modding, is not hard and you have a looooot of great modders that will help you like that one that is writing right now :stuck_out_tongue: (… he ran away? hahaha)

could you send some one that could teach me and my friend this way please?

my friend is grizzly

you can reffer to the rayyas children first to see how a mod looks like
also there is this guide:
Stonehearth's Modding Guide
if you have any doubts that were not resolved earlier in any post then make the call :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :grinning:

I haven’t tried it yet but Bruno posted about this a few weeks ago.