Problem placing windows and doors

I can’t figure out why I can’t place windows and doors in a 3-wall shed that I’m trying to make for crafters. The windows/doors go into the walls, but the space inside the hole stays solid. However, if I place 2 identical windows on either side of the wall, it finally works. I do NOT want to have to make double windows and doors for everything though.

Am I doing something wrong or did I hit a bug?

I first place a foundation outline - like a small letter n, usually 11x6 with one long side of the rectangle open. Then I place the walls. Then I try to put the windows in. And the above happens.

Help, please?

A picture or copy of the save file would help


Okay, here is a save with a shed not yet started.

1487448666297.7z (2.1 MB)

Here is a picture:

Are you using foundation combined with walls (walls of the house image) or with castle walls (seperately standing walls). If you are using the house wall on a single foundation line, you get 2 walls on top of each other, which results in the windows making a hole in one of the walls, but the second wall still filling the window. However, if you’re using the castle wall tool, this might be a bug.

OK the problem here is that your making the building in a single tile line and then using the wall tool, which is doubling the walls because it’s not able to understand you only want one wall on each side. Instead of using the wall tool, use the freestanding wall tool and build a slab roof and it will fix your issue.

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Okay, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try it that way.

But shouldn’t that be able to work? I mean is that a bug in the building tool?

well no, it’s not necessarily a bug, but the building tool was never meant to be used that way. It’s set to line each side, with a wall, now with a 1 tile line, it shows both sides as open so it builds a double wall instead of how we would expect to happen.

@8BitCrab Maybe you can direct this to the appropriate dev to be considered for a fix otherwise, hi there <3


hmm… from whats been said in this thread about it not being free-standing walls used, it doesn’t really seem to be a bug, but just encase i’ll page @sdee (cant remember who to page for building bugs :grimacing: )

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