Priority while attacking enemy structures?

had a graveyard close by. Ordered my troops too attack. The prefered to destroy buildings instead of mobs.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. have some well trained troops
  2. locate a graveyard
    3)plant the attack target flag

Expected Results:
troops go out too kill mobs before destroying buildings
Actual Results:
they destroy buildings before killing mobs
So far i have only seen it with the graveyard. Will test it out at the chief camp and with some of the small camps. At first glimps a reload seems too fix it for about 5 sec. then in the mids of battle they destroy a chest before killing the attacking mobs. (9.4 MB)


Version Number and Mods in use:
release 559 with debug tools
System Information:
win7 64
intel i5 3200ghz
nvidia 650 gtx
8gig ddr3 ram

That is because building don’t move around as much :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not really experienced this much, my Soldier seem to go after any mob in the area before finishing off the structures. I have had instances where the archer targets structures while the rest of the team is engaged in melee. This is usually when I do not have a mob focused and the archer has kited back to where the mob is out of range but the object is not.

From the video it did seem to be a priority issue, as you were using the attack banner and not focus targeting the mobs.
I too thought it was strange for them to ignore the skeletons and zombies.

As far as the chest being destroyed, remember footman have a cleave attack so it might be that they had a mob targeted and the chest was in the aoe. It only takes the slightest hit to destroy the chest. In addition a Hearthling attack and proximity to the target are irrelevant as can be seen when the footman does their power attack on a fleeing enemy the enemy can be quite a few voxels away but will receive damage anyways.

try’d it with the goblin camps and such, they did start to attach the chief but while he wasa fleeing they though why not destroy all buildings first

do you think it might have something to do with Soldier target focusing on the object with the least amount of health? I think I saw something about that in one of the patch notes.

if that is the case, they should exclude buildings and structures

I’ve had this same issue many times - seems to have been introduced in one of the last two builds.

@linda is this supposed to happen?

Odd, they should be focusing on the enemies who should have higher aggro than the structures. The focus fire actually uses the health percentage of each enemy, so since the percentage should be 100% on untouched structures, that shouldn’t be affecting the aggro. I wasn’t able to reproduce it on the save, they seemed to just go for the undead. Any idea what could be causing this @Albert?


I’m not sure what could be causing this. I will take a look after I finish with the current feature.


in the same savefile in the left above corner there is the chieftain area, there happend the same thing just not as obvious as in the vid