Footmens dont follow orders

My footmens had lost half of his health and he was infected so I dont wanted him to fight
when i give guard order on the village he still trying to go fight monster that are on the opposite of the map.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. place a guard order

Expected Results:
he stay around the order flag
Actual Results:
he goes toward his death

oh and I think they shouldnt attack ennemies that are that far until you give them the order to

to show the distance between the ennemies and my village

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 14 release 524 (x64)
System Information:
amd a10
8go ram

-----RE EDIT-----

my footmens seems to have some problems with order

I dont know if its related but when i save/reload I got this game crashing bug

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I kind of met with the same two several times in my last session.

It started with me only wanting to off the chest that belonged to a zombie. The zombie was already killed by wildlife. There is a undead building near there.

After chest is destroy, I told footman to move to town. When he got there he wanted to go back and off the undead building as well. I gave move order to keep in town so wouldn’t be going towards the undead. Second reload got him to stop, although when my hearthlings went to pick the loot up from chest… it began again. The first reload did nothing, and the footman wanted to still attack them.

This undead building is at the edge of the map. I just let him along with 2 others go and attack the undead, they offed them, but I wanted the building left alone. Same thing happens, but now I have 3 like that. Reloading just gives me a CTD.

What the reload does is have the footman in place acting as if in combat. So they have weapons & shields up as if atacking something, but don’t exactly move; more like slide a milimeter twitch guard and repeat. I had to give a move order to the crypt in order for them to finish it off.

After that it was back to normal. couldn’t get a crash thingy, unless that sends automatically… Since the log file would be useless, as the crash I had was to desktop each time with windows asking to kill process, and I ended that session with a save and exit.

Regardless the only way to stop them from attacking is to let them attack and finish, just be sure they have back up in case of overwhelming forces…

Happened to me yesterday when I launched an attack on this evil phoenix order.

one guard that was about to die I ordered to go back to the village, but he kept on attacking till he died.

This resulted in me being uber annoyed because he had all the iron mail and long swords XD

But I’m sure the dev’s are reading this and are working on it loving the game guys!

Just also wanted to make an edit. Sometimes when I order an attack I notice they stand around idle for about 20 seconds “this gets incredibly bad in a situation where a villager out collecting goods is suddenly attacked by a raiding party” @jomaxro Can you get them to check it out? much appreciation thanks!

When it happened for me (only once), I just used the green arrow so he had to move to the flag without attacking any enemy on the road. If this doesn’t work, just reload the game (don’t forget to save) and do the same. Normally it should work :slightly_smiling:

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it worked a lil but after some time they stopped listening to all orders …

it worked a lil but after some time it didnt changed anything
and to reload I had to go back to main menu and load my game or the game would crash