Post your Alpha 8 Screenshots Here!

God I guess you need a lot of food

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Yeah but I like it, makes it more controllable, and your not overwhelmed with villagers. Having to pump stuff out for them. And the plus side, they are all workers, you make them footman or whatever u need, no more randomness.


Another Dev Build another version of Silverthorn. Here we have the wall up, Tree Top Inn done, 2 full shops and 2 more shops going in. Alas the AI bug still hurts, Goblins always spawning left and right. Anf the crash bugs and save bugs. But hey its getting there. lol

And the Goblin, why I fenced off the entrance.


AI improvement… Check, My Citizens share their beds, does yours?!


I got bored, Start of a New Project.


I realized that I could build a treehouse. I’ve always wanted a treehouse.


This may not be a good idea:

Oh no! It’s a UFO! : Imgur: The magic of the Internet


The ladders look like vines in the night ITS A JUNGLE HOUSE!!!


That’s very interesting, you made a treehouse out of stone.


Not the best of what you’ve seen of others, but im having fun building without any problems besides a little lag.


More added to this build. Finished the bridge.


Guys, this thread is amazing. We are inspired! :smiley:

Question for all you master builders: are your creations something that you can save as templates and share? If not, what can we do to enable that for you?


Part of the issue is the multiple layers we’re incorporating (which aren’t technically implemented in the builder yet!). One thing that’ll likely need to be addressed for saving these creations is when there’s elevation involved in the build; perhaps some sort of ‘foundation’ can be automatically added for structures when the base is not fully supported on the ground (and some way for suspended parts–like the middle of a bridge or balconies–to not be included in this system).


different types of building support templates you can desigate the hight and if you want any gaps

Hi sdee. no it wont save these build I’m building as template, I did get the statue of the Footman to save :smile: . I think it’s either too big, and/or I have to build this in sections, or the AI goes wonky(to much to build at once). And right now you can’t build multi story. so templates won’t set on templates. I guess to allow the templates to merge. By allowing us to set builds on top of builds if they fit. But take your time, I don’t mind posting and sharing the pic, and if peeps have questions on how I did it or want advice, I’ll help them and give it.

Edit: Also the barrier of wall are quite unforgiving, Allowing walls to join, without it going red would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


So I took on my own challenge and dug as deep as I could go:

Getting there… 9m from the bottom!

Nearly there!! 4m to go!

At this point, I was wondering what would happen when I reached 0m. Some scenarios:

  1. Absolutely nothing, you can keep digging to your heart’s content
  2. Fall into a bottomless pit
  3. Arrive at Shenzhen, high-five a local
  4. Teleport from the bottom of the map to the top, creating a Portal-style infinite loop

Here’s what happened:

BORING!!! All of the ores trapped in my mining pit fell through the bottom layer (bug?). I couldn’t mine any lower - the mine symbol became a red ‘x’.

So now you know! :smile:


@albert, the woRldeatEr’s a no-show. Again. How much are we paying it?


Workshop/Storage Tower

Community Home with loft.

First time trying to Give Pic shots (Hope it works)yay! me :slight_smile:


i like it but…reminds me of a Parking Garage :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol yeah it does :slight_smile: The plus side its easy to see everything at every floor. I gotta work out a good facing of it so it doesn’t look so modern and thx!


Would a bridge look better out of stone or out of wood?