Post Your Alpha 10.5 Screenshots Here!


But it is a really nice tunnel :stuck_out_tongue: .
I think when we have crates it will look much better.


Update 3

Castle Raven Loft

5 months of game time (In day 5 of Goldmun) to get this built. -Still not done, need to trim it still-


Update 5:

Raven Loft castle is done, working on surrounding walls. Storage and Vault almost complete


been playing around with the water a lot.


Holy cow, that’s awesome. How??


templates if you want em. didn’t make a right turn one.


Lots of great stuff here!

Fair warning: we may do a showcase soon of cool stuff people have built in 10.5 – so if you have something you’d like to show off, now’s the time to post it here…


Update 6:

Day 22 of Goldmun (aka 6th month)

Wall getting there. Water flow through Raven head done. Courtyard almost complete


Unfortunately this Stronghold was destroyed the next night by a red wall of about 5000 errors. I had so many plans for it :cry:
Also this was built in peaceful mode.


Man, I’m really falling behind on my own projects… working and studying German have been kicking the heck out of my free time! I’ll try to get something started over the weekend…


Too bad we don’t have seeds yet…


how do you manage to build that? My lua goes 100% and stays there for hours whenever I try to build anything higher than 2 floors!!!


Some of that lua has to do with how many items are in the world, One thing i like to do is build underground storage. and clean up a bit. (but with boxes coming that will be changed)

Another problem is the Ai is thinking, so make sure if your playing with goblins go out and clean them up. Less the Ai has to think. Last thing u can try is give your villagers a break. Party your whole town up. then set a destination. let them sit about 1 min, it reset their AI. so the computing is taking a break too.


Update 8:

Day 7 of Warmun

Welp 4500 bugs issue hit me, massive lag

As far as i got

Update 9;

Day 12 of Warmun


Did you really make a tree out of gold? |D


yes i did. lol from scratch. but more consider it a Fall tree


@Solus i really like that last pic ^^ love the idea of the workbench and flags with living quarters


that 1st pic of the goblins at your campfire made me laugh

also love the pathway between the farms


here is some pic of waterbridge town i was working on…sadly got broken but i will always have these great pic’s to remember it… the idea for the town was to hav a town build over water atm im rebuilding it and these are old pic of the original broken town forgive me… i dnt know how to post images

overview of waterbridge town

don’t ask me why i have a random chair there…

oh forgot 1 more pic… this was the last pic i took of waterbridge before it broke


Thanks! Hey, we’re buddies on steam! :slight_smile: (Puma)