Post-combat loot acquisition!

Hey folks! I’ve been stalking the discourse for a while now, and have only just made an account, but one thing I haven’t seen much discussion of is the idea of looting and pillaging (or maybe I just missed it).

To be honest, what really gave me the idea was when I saw the awesome Northmen skins. I thought to myself: “What’s one of the things that Dark Ages/Pre-Middle Ages Northern cultures are known for in contemporary culture? Raiders!”

So while having combat in-game is a ways off, one thing I was thinking about was the ability to loot your enemies. If we were to take one group specifically, like Goblins, then they could (for example) have a chance to drop weapons, bits of armor, and general stuff like that.

Another idea I was thinking about was the idea of pillaging NPC villages for raw materials. So if you were to find a goblin village of some sort, you would be able to tear the place down for the acquisition of gold, building materials, and so forth.
Or, for all you vikings out there, the ability to take torches to the settlements of your foes would be interesting as well.

These are just some ideas, though, so I’d be interested to read what you all think!


I really like this idea but it should only be an ability to the northmens alliance and i would never ever thought of this idea even though one of my ancestors was probably a viking

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I like the idea of rewards in case you have won a battle… loot would be nice for sure. Not too much was mentioned yet afaik. Tom explained once that there will be “collectibles” which could also be looted… so I am convinced that we will se something along this line. Also from a modding perspective this has a lot of potential and will be covered for sure.


hey there @Dufremle, welcome aboard! :smile:

getting loot from your fallen enemies is always fun… who doesnt like to see if that shiny new sword has a stat or two better than the one you’re currently wielding? :wink:

we know we’ll have gear/inventory slots (head, body, hands, feet, main hand, offhand), so being able to place items from fallen enemies into those locations seems perfectly reasonable to me! :smile:

on a related note, here’s a thread that discusses “raiders” among other things…

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Thanks for the responses, y’all! @SteveAdamo Thanks for the link, I’m gonna go have a look!

Yer, I believe this was in reference to titans…? I’m almost certain from memories of the earlier streams that titans will definitely give loot, and that it will be fairly rare too; more of a trophy I believe. Loot from enemies would be cool to see, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at all. :slight_smile:


I like it, it would allow for those who want to conquer the world to get some valuables.
(yes this will be a thing)
Perhaps attacking a dwarven settlement/others would give you other resources. Ores perhaps? for those who don’t want to mine but love fighting?


hmmm. Honestly I think creatures should just drop what they have…whatever weapon or armor they have. Or if it’s like a wolf, it would drop a wolf pelt. Although I think the goblin lair should be were the “loot” is. I do like the idea of collectible loot. Especially since there is going to be “adventures” (ie modules)…

Well based on what ive seen they plan to let you invade other cities/towns/dwarven fortresses… so I think you should be able to loot and pillage and take everything from them, if you so wish(of course it could result in a a war)
also yes goblin lairs should be full of loot.

Dwarves would have booz/ore/gold/metal things

other human villages based on their faction should have specific high quality items
gobloins should have random items and perhaps a prisoner or two etc.

i really hope there’s an interesting loot system in place as well… but i would be remiss if i didnt mention that SH is also a very heavy town building, crafting type game… combat (and the potential for looting) are not likely to be a primary focus…

just wanted to toss that out there… as i feel i havent met my Debbie Downer quota for the day… :smile:

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Not entirely,
shall I requote what i quoted above?
(look at my quote above, and yes i can link you to the entire thing as-well as-well)
scroll down to the “responds to your playstyle” bit.
They want all playstyles to enjoy it, including those who want to conquer/fight instead of building. And they want all playstyles to be equally fun.

So yes they will focus on combat as-well as the creative stuff. equally.

Though they did say that those who just want a huge army and war everywhere will still have to build a basic village, and those who just want creative stuff cannot lack basic defenses.

I’m sorry steve, but i had to clear that up.

The whole GM thing is one of the big draws of this game.(of course the building and stuff is awesome as-well but the gm just ups the awesomeness even more) and the rpg aspects as-well, i just love the game in general.

point taken, and apology accepted… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, SH will accommodate multiple playstyles… perhaps i should have said the likely order of features to be implemented…

Well…it will be open to many different play styles, but they still do encourage you to play it as a city-builder, so whilst combat will be allowed, you will need quite an advanced town to house a large and well equipped army, but you can have a fairly enormous town and only need a sufficient defence for your troops…I’m almost certain that there will be a loot system, but I think it’ll probably be obtainable through combat or another method, so you can choose to just have your city and not need much else.


I would hope you could get the same items with less violent means as-well they encourage all playstyles fully this includes “blood-hungry” players and “people who don’t care for combat” and of course the middle ground.

They said , that it will be fully open to all playstyles, fully.
which means all play-styles are equally impotent… (including those who only want to kill everything)

They said if you want to have war and play it as a conquest game you will only need a basic town and basic economy.
No need to build creatively if you want to fight.

However if you don’t want war the gm will suit you and you will only need basic defenses if you are more interested in building.

So it makes it fun for people who don’t like building and just like fighting and exploring. and those who do.

I quote it to make it easier for you.
I’ll also bold the parts that make their point clear. (from my interpretation)

the key word here is “Basic”

Of course I’m more of a middle guy, I like building and building creatively and I love challenge.

But they want it to be thoroughly enjoyable for everybody.And this is one of teh reasons I love this game so much.

So yeah, you shoudl be able to get “loot” items by less violent means.
But you shoudl not have to build a happy creative/awesome city if you only want to be a barbarian who fights everyone.(not sure why you wouldn’t want to, but) And I am very curious how they will fulfill this promise.

I’m going to assume a typo here… :smile:

as for less violent means of acquiring loot, let’s not forget traveling merchants… that we can likely either trade with (peaceful), or bash over the head with a cudgel (@Geoffers747 School of Awesome Negotiations and Stuff)…

Yea that was a typo “important” I menat.

One thing I was thinking of too is how one could use pillaging/looting enemy settlements as a sort of non-sustainable, high-risk, high-reward short term practice. Like you of course will have to spend some resources (feeding your troops, equipping them, and so forth), and there is the risk of losing some warriors (or all of them) in an assault on a settlement like a goblin village. On the other hand, we could say that the loot/materials that can be acquired would be well worth the investment and risk. Maybe some magic items/rare minerals/hides, etc? I know that I’d have my warriors carry back all of the furniture before we set those fires!

And then, to maybe ensure people don’t just sit there are farm up kills on enemy settlements/caves or whatnot, once you complete an assault, maybe all that remains of the place is ruins? I imagine that there wouldn’t be much left if your villagers went in and burned it all down, haha.

Just some thoughts I had. :smile:

Also, I’d be pretty pleased if we got multiple ways of interacting with neutral traveling merchants. I may or may not have some of my villagers steal all their wares if their prices are too outrageous.

I kinda wanna to become powerful and kill all of the goblins in the world…Just start a massive world war dwarvesvs goblins vs humans vs rabbits It will be awesome

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