Possible Youtube Patch/Alpha summarys?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to start making some YouTube videos about the StoneHearth versions, as well as the Desktop Tuesdays, so of a “Summarizing” or “Showcase” for each update. Kinda like what ChimneySwift does with Minecraft. Just wanted to here your thoughts on the matter.


Check here for Radiant’s video policy: Stonehearth Video Policy – Stonehearth

Just a few things to keep in mind – but I’m sure whatever you do will be great; actually, there are already some people who’re doing the same thing!

I’d point to Space Engineers’ alpha process as a prime example of this; every time they release a patch, they also release a video showcasing the new features (particularly helpful in learning how to use new UI elements and such). It wouldn’t be a bad policy for Radiant to adopt officially, once releases are more “meaty”.

This sounds great!

What’s your YouTube channel so I can check out these videos.

This sounds neat. I would like to see how it goes out.

Sounds good to me! Make sure to keep it relatively short and concise, at least to begin with. Perhaps go over the changes at the beginning so people just wanting a quick rundown can watch the first minute and then stop, before going in to more detail on each change for those who want to watch more?

I just saw that Radiant is doing this stuff on their own anyway, with their Desktop Tuesdays, but maybe I will for the alphas only. I have some tests coming up, so I may miss the alpha 4 release, but will see!