Desktop Tuesday : roadmap overview?


Here’s a suggestion for something I’d like to see in one of the next Desktop Tuesdays : a look at the big picture. Stonehearth has evolved so much since Alpha 1, and the game keeps getting better and better with new exciting features every two weeks or so, but it would be nice to have a little presentation about where Radiant is going with all this, how have the long term goals evolved and where the game is going, when are they expecting to introduce new major features, etc.

Rather than making 1 Desktop Tuesday episode trying to sum everything up, you could also focus on 1 topic per episode, tell us about a big feature / part of the game you want to add in the future, explain us your vision about the gameplay, so we can also discuss that ahead of time, rather than just discover things as you implement them.

Anyway, that’s just a wish from someone very impatient to see this game finished because it’s super awesome ! :smile:



What about the 2014 Retrospective?

Well the retrospective was more about looking at all the progress made since the beginning, I’m suggesting something about looking at the road ahead :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I guess. They also need to update the road map, too.