Alpha 9 (or 8) Builders Showcase!

Hey everybody! So I haven’t been able to update my YouTube channel the past couple of weeks because i’ve been busy unpacking from my move…but i’m SOOOO anxious to unpack my office cause Alpha 9 is out and i’m like… AHHHHHH!!!

Hehehe anyway I had an idea and wanted to know if it was alright with some of you amazing builders! Looking back at the “Show us your Alpha 8 screenshots” I thought it would be a good idea to spread the word about the game and about some of you amazing builders if I were to create a top X builders video…maybe do it once a release or once a week idk…

But I don’t want to take away from any master builders who are also video creators out there!!! I want to be able to spread the news and epicness of Stonehearth and share some of the amazing community content with those that aren’t browsing the discourse like I try to do on a daily basis…it’s my morning ritual before work :wink:

Anway let me konw what you guys think and please feel free to “ye” or “nay” the idea and submit your creations!

I also wanted to be able to show off you guys’ work cause I can’t make anything nearly as amazing as the stuff i’ve seen… My channel is if anyone is interested in seeing the content I put out there…

Anywho that’s all for now! I’ll be perusing the discourse s’more and hopefully seeing you on the interwebs!!!

As always keep on discovering those bugs, showcase your creativity, and show Radiant some LOVE!!!

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