Possible titan/pet

Recently i have been building a mob for a mod me and some people i play mine craft with (we all brought the ks access and wanted to try make a small mod)
In the group im more of the builder so in decided to start work on a mob which would make a good pet/titan that i made in minecraft so have the layer by layer plans
I will also make some growable crystals etc for food (if pet) and one idea is it grows to titan size and defends the city etc
Here a pic of it so far (still alot of work left before any animations etc)

for those wondering about the white block its because i made one massive cube and doing it layer by layer as i have the plan and the player is just so i have an idea on scale so far

I like the idea of having a “pet” which you can raise to become a friendly titan which defends your city. However, the white block requires quite some imagination to see what you are going for. Looking forward fo ran update with a bit less white block :wink:.

thanks im working fast as i can but it 53x57 and 65 tall (which wouldn’t be so bad but the legs,tentacles and head small scattered ones)

For anything big you make it really small and size it up, that way the voxels that make it are bigger than the blocks that make up the person.

this was the 1x1 cube per block it still needs to be scaled up

Here what it based on


I change some the colors etc as it was for minecraft and i don’t want to get in trouble for any copyright etc lol

no I mean smaller than the person. Like 1/8 the size of the villager.

i tweaked your post with a direct link to the image, but im not sure if the block was supposed to be there, or was it an artifact of the filesave?

It just says new users cant post pictures which is why i just used links/preformatted text with links
and i used a shortened link so when posting it didnt go on to long

I’m just thinking of Black and White. Monstorous pets that can be used for war and peace? I’d put my foot down on an immediate ‘yes’.

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A better titan would probably be a huge version of Vladmir Lenin.

Id need to look into the code a little for things like the mammoth if it grows so mine can do the same
and the war and peace thing would be slightly altered of defend and maybe attack nearby enemies but it all needs to be checked first.
Im also going to make custom food/bait for it which may effect growth rate eg green crystals 2x groth blue= x4 red =x8 each with certain rareatys etc