Posing Models in Qubicle

In a few other threads I saw that some people were posing there models. Like a little person was holding his hand up or doing some sort of action. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they did it. Thanks.

That is not done in Qubicle. The model has to be exported to another program, like Blender (free) or 3ds Max (not free). Unfortunately you can’t export the model in the free version of Qubicle. Radiant and Minddesk are negotiating a solution for this though.

That’s not entirely true you can do limited “posing” in Qubicle as long as you don’t have to rotate the piece less than 90 degrees lol. :smiley:

Something like this you can do just by separating the hands and feet from the main body matrix and then using the strict rotation buttons (X,Y,Z); don’t try and use the “rotate” feature unless you want some jagged mess lol.


@GrimMethod, Thanks a lot for the info.