How do I export a model from Qubicle Free



I want to export a model onto the forums, but don’t have the Commercial Version of Qubicle, any way around this?


The only way I can think of is to send your qmo file to someone who has the Home or Master version of Qubicle and have them export it into an obj file for you. :frowning:


I don’t know anyone closely that has it so I guess I’ll just wait till I can squeeze it. Thanks for your reply though.


i make no promises, but i think @voxel_pirate offered his services before?

edit: we’ll leave this open for the time being (in case anyone volunteers to assist), but as @Avairian pointed out, the free version unfortunately doesnt provide that option…


I’m a little confused by your terminology. Do you want to export a model you have created as a .obj file into another program such as 3dsMax?

Or do you want to post an image of a model you have created on the forum?


I want to export a qmo file onto the forum.


There is no way to upload a .qmo file to the discourse. The only way to allow other people to download your .qmo file is by hosting it on a third party site and link to it from here.


@SteveAdamo… just to clarify, I did not offer this kind of “service”. While helping out in very few cases might be something I would consider… there is a reason why the free version is limited and does not include the export function. I like the tool and as Stonehearth should be supported, I also think Qubicle deserves some love :wink:.

P.S. If the reason, why someone is looking for an .obj-file related to Stonehearth, is to practice how to animate… just take a look into this thread and you will find a prepared .obj-file to play around with.

P.P.S. If you just want to upload a picture of your model into the forum, the video mentioned here explains at one point the “Rendering”-menu of Qubicle which can do the trick.


with any luck, (and thanks to @Geoffers747 efforts) that may be remedied shortly… :wink:

agreed… apologies of my oversight…